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Where an Augenblick Is More Than a Moment

What soprano Samantha Britt finds impressive in Salzburg and Berlin

Recenty, this blog has started to publish a series of profiles of young American, Canadian, and British singers who went to Germany to sing and live. 389 more words



Germany, at first thought, the land of beer comes to mind. I landed in Germany and had a couple days to explore and enjoy myself. What would I do though? 574 more words


Day 6

After the Interlude, my thoughts and physical feelings took me a little to the side.

But it is manageable. I can observe my reactions without them taking me anywhere self-destructive. 236 more words

Why do I want to travel? [CHAPTER 2. Berlin | Germany] (1)

[프랑크푸르트에서 베를린으로 Frankfurt to Berlin ]

심야 마트탐방을 마친뒤 다음날 새벽.

프랑크푸르트에서 베를린으로 루프트한자*타고 날라왔다.

*루프트한자 Lufthansa. 한자.라는 발음때문에 왠지 국어같은 착각이 들곤 했는데

 ‘공기 동맹’이라는 뜻의 독일어이다.   91 more words


[New Series!] 🍴 My Gluten-Free October Lunch

Welcome to my brand new recipe series which is going to rock your kitchen! I choose from my “1001 recipes” to create Seasonal Menus consisting of not less than three courses. 1,714 more words


Merkel wieder Kandidatin 2017?

Nein, es kann doch wohl nur ein Scherz sein. Wer will wieder Angela Merkel als Kanzlerin für Deutschland sehen? Ich habe gerade gehört, dass die CDU Merkel wieder als Kanzlerin haben will. 173 more words

Track of the day #127: Ulrika Spacek - Everything: All The Time

Ulrika Spacek are a Berlin-formed, but London based band whose debut album ‘The Album Paranoia‘ was released earlier this year. The band released the track ‘ 98 more words

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