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Polish Horror + Korean Crime

The 20th annual Fantasia Film Festival continues here in Montreal until August 3, and I am planning to get to a few more flicks before I have to depart early next week. 10 more words

Embracing Ice Maiden - on "Black Coal, Thin Ice" by Diao Yinan

Recent Chinese Art-house movies became such an exhilarating sensation that is hard to not miss. We are the rear end of this production line and we get surprised movie by movie. 92 more words


In-depth Review : Nakom, The Kusaal Film Putting Ghana On The Map

Inasmuch pictures are timeless, the abundance of films tends to make a lot of them forgettable. However, when a film is good, its taste stays in your mouth and lingers in your thoughts. 913 more words

Mexico’s Morelia Fest to Host Berlinale Spotlight

Mexico’s 14th Morelia Film Festival will host a Berlinale Spotlight as part of the  2016-17 Germany-Mexico Dual Year, a bilateral initiative promoting exchange in the arts and creative industries as well as trade, tourism, education, science and innovation. 338 more words


Tara at Berlinale: Maquinaria Panamericana

“Don’t let the day end without having grown a bit… Enjoy the panic of having a life in front of you.” Such is the advice – or perhaps it is a mandate – from the management at Maquinaria PanamericanaRead more


Tara at Berlinale: Eldorado XXI

La Rinconada is bleak; a foreboding mountain, abject poverty and unsafe mines. Cachorreo is the labour system where men work the mines for thirty days unpaid. 19 more words


Almanya, Welcome To Germany: Arti Keluarga dan Tanah Air

Emang kadang dalam satu keluarga, pasti ada yang suka bikin sebel. Yah gimana ya, namanya juga manusia. Pasti ada baik dan buruknya. Dari film ini kita bisa belajar, semenyebelinnya salah satu anggota keluarga kita, tetep aja kita membutuhkan satu sama lain.

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