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Broken Wings

They say in our realm a divine bird did dwell Whom the angels addressed as Raphael. His songs made every man’s heart swell At least that’s what the ancient legends tell. 7 more words


ए “सुबह” तुम जब भी आना/ A “morning” whenever you come

ए “सुबह” तुम जब भी आना , सब के लिए खुशियाँ लाना! हर चेहरे पर “हँसी” सजाना, हर आँगन मे “फूल” खिलाना. जो ” रोए” है इन्हे हँसना, जो ” रूठे” …


10-line Poem Challenge: Trianglet.

The Trianglet takes a bit of practice, but it’s a great exercise in conciseness!

Source: 10-line Poem Challenge #13: Trianglet


Dear You

Dear You, The manipulation you possess…. Oh you must be proud. You must look in the mirror and feel so empowered by the way you crush others. 14 more words


Gripping Oblivion

I saw the mental blankness blink from your insomniac eyes Tragedies spoon fed like an infant Curse words falling from the corner Desperate for minutes of affection I saw the twinkling nirvana cry l…

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I exhale you the vexing complexity whirling in my mind hoping if I blow you into the air my body can be free to breathe without you trapping my heart in smoke-filled dreams ©MidwestFantasy 01/10/20…

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