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An Israeli's first grilled cheese

Israel is a panini country. Here it is simply called “toast”, where most houses, including ours has a small panini machine( here called a toaster- you barely see the American-style push down toaster here). 286 more words


No Time, No Space, No Problem

A riddle:

What is so small that you cannot measure any dimensions, and has no mass; you can fit any endless number of them in one place, yet it can extends across the entire universe with no time elapsing and with no intervening space; that exists in a real sense without space or time, yet it is real and you can experience it directly and your very life, your very existence, is dependent on it? 1,782 more words


You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid

A couple in New York had received a package that they thought was a toy plane. When Joel Berman opened the package up, he found a  semi-automatic rifle, scope, stand, ammo clip and copies of an Arizona man’s driver’s license and concealed-weapons permit. 88 more words

Odd News

Chris Berman was Blackout Drunk at the World Series

Written by: James R. Harrison Jr. – Founder, President, & CEO (@TheGrandstandUS)

It seems that I was the only person that hadn’t noticed this after the World Series, mostly due to the fact that I refuse to watch ESPN as a legitimate source of sports reporting anymore.   105 more words


Prokofiev Piano Sonata no. 3 in Am, op. 28

performed by Matti Raekallio, or below by Boris Berman

It’s like a big, organized cadenza.

In contrast with the second sonata, dedicated to Prokofiev’s friend who committed suicide, the third sonata interestingly seems to have  508 more words


AllStar Week(day)? MVP

In this the crew talks about the MVP’s of the All Star festivities.

Giancarlo Stanton– You might be asking, “How could Stanton be the MVP if he wasn’t even an All Star?”  Because he took over the actual event that I wanted to watch, and did it with an iron fist.  933 more words



Just a combined report today, since there were no major league games yesterday due to the All-Star break, and very few minor league games either, as MLB wants to showcase the All-Star Game. 225 more words

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