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Templar Diaspora Debate the Scottish Lore

Walter Bisset and William Middleton along with some vague connection to the William St. Clair (sometimes called Sinclair) all of Scotland seem to be the only Templar Family connections that I can find around the end times of the Templars in the late thirteenth and early fourteenth Centuries. 1,075 more words

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The Templar Conundrum

It is hard to imagine the meteoric success of the Knights Templar Order under their enigmatic leader and founder to one of the greatest mysteries of the medieval ages. 711 more words

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Knights Templar Historical Facts of the Order 1118-2012

Templar Organizational Structure:

Grandmaster- the #1 person CEO of the order who makes all major and final decisions, chairman of the governing council

Seneschal- #2 in command and answers to the Grand Master. 9,011 more words

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Background on the Ninth Templar Story Concept

On Friday October 13th the Grand Master of the most formidable Army and economic power in the world rode smugly into King Phillip IV (the Fair’s) royal court in France in hopes of settling the growing tensions between his order of immense power and wealth and the Most powerful ruler in Christendom. 1,739 more words

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