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Homemade Italian flatbread

I baked this after the last Charity live session.

Chickpea flour is the base: we are gluten free here.

Made the mixture this morning.

Busy day!

Founder member day

With Mummy and Daddy busy the child will play!

Paint everywhere! Panic ensues.

At least I could put Alfie in the paddling pool. Some emails and enquiries were delayed!

Hair cut wars

A few curls left

Having displayed my new cut this morning, here is Alfie’s new hair.

You can be the judge.

He seems happy enough anyway.

Bernard Magee


Toys all over the place

There are times that the house is neat and tidy, but this isn’t one of them

Sometimes my mind is a little like this when I am trying to get my bridge ideas in order!

Bernard Magee

The Little Mermaid

This morning’s story

Alfie loves sunken boats and treasure. He just about manages to stay the course for most of the tale.

A very sad story but brings back memories of better times… 31 more words

Bernard Magee


Too many hair cutters?

Well I finally took the plunge and let Helen have a go. Alfie did not want to miss out either, although he doesn’t know that he is next for the cut.

And here is the result:

Bernard Magee


Trying to proofread, but the end result is down below

Bernard Magee