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Venet à Versailles

From Chateau Versailles website:

“I was excited when Jean-Jacques Aillagon asked me to take over the Palace of Versailles for two reasons: because it was an amazing backdrop for my sculptures, and because it was an amazing opportunity to capture my conception of space. 233 more words


Updates, Boolean Functions Conference, and a Surprising Application to Polytope Theory

The Debate continues

The debate between Aram Harrow and me on Godel Lost letter and P=NP (GLL) regarding quantum fault tolerance continues. The first post entitled… 532 more words

Computer Science And Optimization

Arc - City Garden, St. Louis - Bernard Venet

City Garden is an exciting new addition to downtown St. Louis. It is a small strip of land next to Market Street which is a sculpture garden, containing sculptures both serious and whimsical, several of which are interactive. 39 more words

Art Thief