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Cat in a basket

Not cake or crochet related but couldn’t resist posting it. I had a basket that I thought would be great for yarn stashing but turns out that Bernard our delicate little flower “not” of a cat fits perfectly. 14 more words


Profile of Bernard "Morena" Mabote

This is Bernard Mabote aka Morena from Mohlakeng. He’s a self employed artist and member of SABC board of directors.


a proper old pickle and a sleepy shawl stealing cat......

This is the current state of play in one corner on my work table….it’s a proper old pickle as I’m on “craft fair countdown” mode…..next Monday there’ll be a quick tidy up then chaos will resume within hours….I always try and be neat and tidy but it never lasts for long…as soon as I start putting things away I always then need them straight away or just forget where I’ve put them. 1,122 more words

Hand Sewing

Pembangkang Perlu Jelaskan Isu Lahat Datu Dahulu , Sebelum Minta Kerajaan Perjelaskan Isu Bernard

Oleh rmf

Berdasarkan kepada sejarah,  negara kita telah berdepan dengan beberapa siri ancaman keselamatan bermula dengan ancaman pengganas komunis semasa darurat dan kemunculan beberapa kumpulan militan seperti kumpulan tentera sabilillah, kumpulan  Nasir  Ismail, Al-Maunah dan yang terbarunya kita berhadapan dengan serangan penganas Sulu di Lahat Datu.Kesemuanya menuntut berlakunya peperangan dan pertumpahan darah serta nyawa. 972 more words

Because I'm not a waffle or a quitter......

In a few more weeks it’ll be a mad flurry of Craft Fairs so daytime knitting has been put on the back burner, though I’m still getting up early to have those first precious hours of the day to myself….slowly waking up with my knitting on my lap, a big pot of tea by my side and generally Bernard squidged up alongside me. 1,492 more words


Week 9: Runningbacks

Todd Gurley has over 125 yards rushing in the past 4 games.  Dion Lewis continues to impress and DeAngelo Williams is back in the spot light after Le’Veon Bell’s season ending injury. 195 more words

It's beginning to feel a lot like.......

I’ve spent the past couple of days quietly playing Christmassy music while I update my Folksy shop with Christmas stockings….and while it’s still too early for Johnny Mathius to be playing, I’m happy to listen to a little Enya* and Kate Bush** to help me feel a bit more seasonal….. 598 more words

Hand Sewing