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Man Who Had Neurofibroma Smiles After Surgery To Remove Huge Tumor On His Face

A Nineteen-year-old Bernard has been given another reason to smile after the
successful removal of huge tumor on his face through surgery. The young
man who had a medical condition known as neurofibroma (a tumour formed… 54 more words


1.1 How To Make Friends

Welcome back my lovely readers! Last time my life was rudely interrupted, by a rather odd woman called Faith Holt, but in the end I decided to let her stay on my land. 1,637 more words


1.0 An Intrusion

Hello there! My name is Bernard. One day I was minding my own business, staying out of the sun underneath some trees, when an oddly dressed woman appears out of no where. 982 more words


Westworld - Season 2 Episode 7 recap 'Les Ecorches'

Episode 7 starts with a cold open and a pretty jarring one at that. It doesn’t pick up where ‘Phase Space’ left off, it takes us to another place entirely. 865 more words


Westworld Season Two, Episodes Six & Seven

Illness precluded me from watching episode six of Westworld last week, so today here’s a double-review following a catch-up session alongside episode seven last night… 783 more words


100 Days of Writing: Day Six

The rocket was on loan from NASA. Before then it had been a missile in the US Navy. Some people felt sorry for the rocket – bounced from one division to another. 963 more words


Bernards A Poppin' and More WTF Moments From Westworld

Like so many episodes of Westworld, we had to do research even before pressing play. Tonight’s episode is titled Les Écorchés, which is french for a painting or sculpture of a human figure with the skin removed to display the musculature. 739 more words