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Disney Odyssey #29 - Rule Number One About Rescuing Animals: Don't Mouth Off To Poachers

Welcome to Australia! The landscapes are diverse and breathtaking, the animals strange and beautiful, only some of the people have funny accents, and everything is poisonous! 1,072 more words


Miss Bernard Said.

This short anime is so endearing in so many ways. As I am a book nerd, this hit a close home more than most people know. 243 more words


Seabass' Diary...Day 129...Reunited (Sort of)

January 9, 2017- I blinked hard a couple of times because tears pricked at the back of my eyes…It was Bernard! The big human flung open the door, let out a high pitched whistle and Bernard jumped into the front seat with us. 206 more words

Seabass' Diary

Westworld - Season 2 Predictions

For a opening season that had more twists and turns than a twisty-turney thing, it was nice for Westworld’s finale to end on a clean and clear note. 517 more words

Water Road Home by Bernard Cuppett Designers

Tim Cuppett Architects constructed this middle of the century searching home within a neighborhood which was predominantly middle of the century structures. At first glance I think this was the mid hundred years home that will had several modifications into it. 7 more words

A week of reviews: Day of the Tentacle Remastered

With my Christmas break and a Steam sale full of games to sift through, it’s safe to say I’ve bought a lot of new gaming material. 475 more words


"Sorrowful, but Always Rejoicing...": Christmas Hope for Those Who Mourn

“Sorrowful, but always rejoicing…” Why does this phrase seem so strange to contemporary believers – particularly Evangelicals?

It would seem that especially around this time of year, the cult of nostalgic happiness rears its ugly head, and everyone, no matter your situation, is expected to smile and be “chipper” – after all, it’s Christmas! 1,437 more words