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The third chain is equally fantastic, as we see to it that bernard handle what time Manny gets a job next to a high-end bookstore, somewhere Manny is failing to fit in. 254 more words

Illinois peeps, check out - Today in Politics: Hillary Clinton, Facing a Difficult Summer, Flexes Her Muscle

As Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont continues to gain on her in the polls and as Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. considers joining the race, Hillary Rodham Clinton has increased her efforts to show her foundational support.. 9 more words


A Liebster award and some awfully long answers......

This week I had a nice surprise as I was very kindly nominated for a Liebster award so a huge thank you to Zeens and Roger… 4,889 more words


Disney from the East is coming !

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As China’s economy is getting stronger and stronger, we begin to see Chinese company moving from servicing work to building its own IP. 359 more words

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When it's raining cats and dogs and picking raspberries by umbrella....

Well so much for a Summer heatwave, this week it’s been raining cats and dogs, every time the cat comes in the floor needs wiping over and I’ve been scurrying around the garden lifting water laden pots out of over flowing saucers. 1,315 more words

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