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It’s been a busy few days!

First, I finished making my new friend.  Bernard and I had some play time but then he moved to Paris to have adventures en français.  54 more words


Quiet moments while the morning wakes......

Quiet moments outside while the morning is just starting to wake is one of my favourite times of the day.  Generally I’m up and out of bed by six, even at a weekend*, I head downstairs and put the kettle on to make tea then I sit for a while on the back door step or get out a small table and chair that we keep in the garage, and make myself comfy and hoof up a rather weighty never ending project onto my lap…..I’m slowly getting round to sewing in the many hundreds of woolly tails on the back of my grannies crochet blanket, it’s pretty heavy and by mid morning is too warm to have on my knees…..I especially love how it looks in the morning sunlight, the colours in the tapestry wool seem alive and really glow. 789 more words


Jerrah C.

Despite his shrimpy wimpy body he’s pretty fast on the basketball court. It shits Malik so much that he takes off his shirt when they play because that knife scar on his stomach distracts him so much.

Ball Jointed Dolls

Jerrah C.

This kid with the pink hair is Jerrah Chayim. I am glad i have this doll. Most of my dolls look like they are suffering from gastritis but Jerrah is always smiling/blushing and cheerful. 66 more words

Ball Jointed Dolls

My Trio Deskmates

I wish I can have my dolls out all the time, just sitting around on my desk while I work or holding my phone or pen…

Ball Jointed Dolls

The Saga of Citeaux • M. Raymond

The Family that Overtook Christ

The Hound of Heaven stalks the death house in pursuit of the soul of a modern Dismas in this true story of a doomed criminal who found God in the solitude of a prison. 8 more words

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Trying to knit in the garden with Bernard.......

Well I’m none too sure quite what’s up with the weather this year, so far we’ve had a pretty rubbish old Summer, odd moments of sunshine seem bookended by overcast skies and heavy thundery showers…..but when it’s nice I try to get out in the garden for a few minutes at least, mostly to potter, do a little weeding, or forage around, snacking on the wild strawberries that are slowly taking over everywhere out there (and the raspberries and blueberries are now eatable too)…..but mosly I like to sit on the backstep and enjoy the peace and quiet that just is….. 1,204 more words