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Illinois peeps, check out - The Vote for Bankruptcy Reform that Haunts Hillary Clinton

The Bernie Sanders campaign has leaned on years-old criticism by Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts Democrat, to link Mrs. Clinton to Wall Street.. via NYT U.S. http://ift.tt/1S7Niwb


Spreading sock happiness, spinning and the greenest, brightest wee skein of yarn....

You know how it is when you haven’t seen a friend for a long time and you just have so much you want to share and tell them and you’re just excited about everything and don’t know where to start….that’s how I feel today.  1,139 more words


Illinois peeps, check out - Sports Sharpen the Presidential Image

Presidents and those who aspire to the job have a long history of using their sports participation to enhance their political images.. via NYT The Upshot http://ift.tt/1Sxw0Ja


waking to pokey paws and the low rumble of purrs.....

Some mornings I slowly wake to the sound of a low rumble beside me on the bed, a mix of deeps purrs and snorring.  When he’s feeling mischievous he reaches out and presses my face with one of his fat old paws, I’m not so appreciatiove of this treatment but for some reason Bernard finds it the greatest lark and will keep doing it…..I open my eyes and look at him and he quickly brings his paw to his mouth to lick, like the poking has got nothing to do with him and then as soon as my eyes close back comes the paw…. 457 more words


Playboy and Conman Bernie Kornfeld

Bernard „Bernie“ Kornfeld was a prominent businessman and international financier who sold investments in US mutual funds. Bernard was born in Turkey. After moving to the US, he began working as a social worker, but later, in 1950, began to sell open mutual funds. 123 more words

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Bernard, Victor and Other Virtual Assistants Put to the Test


All the so-called Frightful Five tech behemoths — Eden, Mobilis, Tendril, The Book and The Manifold — now offer virtual assistants, which handle tedious tasks in response to voice commands or keystrokes, on various devices. 710 more words

Artificial Intelligence

Illinois peeps, check out - Republicans and Democrats Brace for a Reality Check

When the voting starts in Iowa and New Hampshire, uncertainty about the odds of outsiders like Bernie Sanders and Donald J. Trump will begin to be resolved.. 9 more words