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1050ºF Cabinet Oven From Grieve

No. 1036 is a 1050ºF (566ºC), electrically-heated cabinet oven from Grieve, currently used for production heating of glass assemblies at the customer’s facility. Workspace dimensions of this oven measure 50” W x 50” D x 50” H. 98 more words

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IMTS - Everywhere You Look!

When IMTS 2014 announced their photo contest, we couldn’t wait to get to work!

#IMTS: Everywhere You Look – #Photo Contest! Send us your images spelling out I-M-T-S, we will choose our… …

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500ºF Walk-in Batch Oven from Grieve for Paint Baking Operations

No. 806 is a 500ºF (260ºC), electrically-heated walk-in oven from Grieve, currently used for paint baking operations at the customer’s facility.  Workspace dimensions of this oven measure 72” W x 96” D x 78” H.  120 more words

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Hi. I'm new here.

Here I am. Marketing Information Specialist/Director of Social Media/Blogger all rolled into one – a perfect storm dynamic combo of job titles and caffeine.

Social media 101: Social media is, um – social. 135 more words

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Bernard & Co. Presents "Marketing 101" at AFS Twin Cities Chapter Meeting

Our own Tim Daro recently presented at AFS Twin Cities Chapter meeting, The Many Ways to Market Your Foundry, in Minneapolis.  The presentation covered different ways that foundries could promote themselves to current and prospective customers. 169 more words

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Rattunde - FABTECH Booth S-4179

Visit Rattunde at FABTECH Booth S-4179

UPDATE! See the video of Rattunde at FabTech HERE.

For over 20 years Rattunde has been designing and building innovative solutions for tube and bar sawing and post cutoff value added processes. 152 more words

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Harmonics in Power Systems

Causes, effects and control

This whitepaper covers definitions, harmonic generation, effects of harmonics and control of harmonics. It also addresses general awareness of power system harmonics, their causes, effects and methods to control them especially when these harmonics are related to variable frequency (or adjustable speed) drives. 191 more words

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