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Day 299: New Job and the Discovery of Stress

I have started a new job recently and in this position I’ve had moments that were rather intense. Throughout my life I have pretty much avoided any responsibility and all the jobs I had in the past were essentially an easy ride for me. 646 more words

Day 290: Don't Sit on Your Mistakes

All people make mistakes, but what separates us from each other is how we deal with those mistakes. Some of us will be dragged down and create even more self-doubt while others focus on immediate resolution not allowing the past to haunt them. 800 more words

Day 287: Understanding and Living by the Principle of What is Best for All - Part 2

Here I am continuing from my previous blog where I was writing about my understanding and living application of the principle – What’s Best for All. 735 more words

Day 286: Understanding and Living by the Principle of What is Best for All

Here I am sharing my process of aligning myself to what I see most crucial principles of life. In this blog I will start with the following principle where I will show my understanding and… 662 more words

Day 285: The Ignorance of Medical Profession

We have, by now, probably all heard stories about our medical system and the evidence within these stories that there is much higher value placed on… 708 more words

Day 284: Living Words: Determination

The problem I am facing is the premature giving up whenever I am going into a new area of research. At the moment I am busy doing research about potential job opportunities and this requires of me to go where I have not gone before. 644 more words

Day 283: It’s Taking Too Long

“It’s taking too long” -This is one statement that is coming a lot within my mind and in various situations. Obviously the effect of having this… 956 more words