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Teaching Evolution: Three More Thoughts

Here’s a link to my post about the Evolution Treasure Hunt. I’ve kept thinking about all that, and my thoughts right now have been shaped partly by my father’s very last journey, in process as I write. 1,328 more words

Teaching Life

Winter World; The Ingenuity of Animal Survival By Bernd Heinrich

Winter World; The Ingenuity of Animal Survival By Bernd Heinrich, Harper Perennial,  357 pages

In his book on cold climate ecology, Bernd Heinrich straps on snowshoes and digs in deep from his home base in the Maine woods. 142 more words

Natural History

word: ken


Definition: (noun) Range of what one can know or understand. Synonyms: cognizance Usage: This level of mathematics is beyond my ken. Discuss.

Mournful Howl & Fireside Warmth

After the last couple of nights when the wind howled and shook the cabin, last night was deathly still…  I got up and put more wood in the stove, noting the sub-zero cold fingers of the arctic chill stabbing into the cabin, and I also found them reaching in between the logs. 87 more words

Living In Step With Nature

Friday Inspiration - Heinrich on Why We Run

It is fair to say that I’m obsessed with Bernd Heinrich. I found his book Why We Run: A Natural History to be both rigorous and moving and his lifetime commitment to running to be inspiring. 48 more words

Friday Inspiration

More on Why We Run

When I picked up Bernd Heinrich’s Why We Run, I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy it. It is both a memoir of ultra training and a mediation on what we can learn from the endurance and running abilities of various animals. 235 more words

Quoth The Runner

The Homing Instinct by Bernd Heinrich

The homing instinct: meaning and mystery in animal migration by Bernd Heinrich

This is a fascinating look at the pull of home and whether it’s in our DNA to gravitate there in this book by New England-based scientist Bernd Heinrich. 137 more words