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Spoiler #27 – Bernhard R3


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Spoiler #26 – Friedrich R1 ~ R3


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Spoiler #25 – Bernhard R1 ~ R2


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In her own words: honouring Hanna Neumann

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Hanna Neumann (1914-1971, born Johanna von Caemmerer) was a German-born UK and Australian group theorist. She was the first woman Chair of Pure Mathematics in Australia. 104 more words

Fr. 725

Truth, it seems to me, is known only to the person who is affected by it; and if he chooses to communicate it to others, he automatically becomes a liar.

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Fr. 724

To this day the thoroughly Catholic Uncle Franz and the thoroughly National Socialist Grünkranz have remained for me the perfect examples of these two human types, and as long as I live they will typify the two universal attitudes of mind which have given the world more cause for suffering than for rejoicing.

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Between the lives of Austrians gone to Germany and those of Germans come to Austria, I have at times noticed significant overlap as though, despite a difference in time and place, their movements interlocked into a single, precision sphere. 90 more words