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Travelogue F27

The next day, the next-to-last of our time together, found us back around the breakfast table and my companion circling back to his subjects of predilection and myself in the midst of still further character sketches. 709 more words


Bernhard, Ruth

In the waves






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Travelogue F24

My hours-long fall down the mountainside was abetted greatly by the discovery of two spruce sticks, barked and polished, found off the trail a ways and behind a tree, as if left by some thoughtful wood fae. 492 more words


Travelogue F22

The tablelands in particular bear note for their uniformity as well as the uncanny green hue of the stones and outcroppings, only lichen and dwarf grass alive at this elevation and barely so at that. 418 more words


Travelogue F21

The night before Katahdin a disagreement over accomodations broke out, and there played out a perfect inversion of positions as per a Thomas Bernhard novel. My companion had wanted to sleep in the carpark before the hotel, to rise early, and to take breakfast in a gas station. 488 more words


Wittgenstein's Nephew

Thomas Bernhard. Austria. 1982.

“…I could not help recalling how, time and again, my friend Paul had described his uncle alternately as a genius and a murderer, and every time I saw the Professor entering or emerging from the operating theater I wondered whether I was seeing a genius of a murderer entering, a murderer or a genius emerging.” pg 5… 311 more words


Zu Thomas Bernhards "Wittgensteins Neffe"

“denn machen wir uns nichts vor, die Köpfe, die uns die meiste Zeit erreichbar sind, sind uninteressant, wir haben nicht viel mehr davon als wenn wir mit ausgewachsenen Erdäpfeln zusammen wären, die auf wehleidigen Körpern in mehr oder weniger geschmacklosen Kleidern ein kümmerliches, leider gar nicht erbarmungswürdiges Dasein fristen.” 535 more words