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Is Trump's Presidency The Next Greatest Ponzi Scheme?

Hometown boy couldn’t win his home state and lost to a wanna-be New Yorker — but despite the lack of love from the Big Apple, he’s still the president… and his wife is still straining the New York City’s taxpayers who are footing the bill for Trump Tower. 540 more words

HBO's Wizard of Lies

HBO aired a brand new entry from its film division a few days ago which was Saturday May 20th. They called it Wizard of Lies… 739 more words


Ponzi Scheme: What The Chicago Teachers' Pension Would Be Called If It Were A Hedge Fund

A long, long time ago, back in 2008 when most of today’s hedge fund analysts were still stressing over what to wear to prom, a man named Bernard Madoff was arrested for bilking unsuspecting investors out of $65 billion.  152 more words

'The Wizard Of Lies' Production Designer Laurence Bennett On Crafting A Dickensian Nightmare

From acclaimed, Oscar-winning director Barry Levinson, HBO’s television movie The Wizard of Lies is a case study of the way in which the external shadings of production design can reflect the interior. 1,974 more words


Gilbert Speaks on HBO's "The Wizard of Lies"

At a time, when our very own president is acting very much like a Con Man amidst rumors of deal making with the Russians and rich corporations while turning a deaf ear to the very people he promised to protect, it was all the more important for me to watch HBO’s cautionary tale about the King of Con, Bernie Madoff. 652 more words

Reaction to HBO's Bernie Madoff Documentary: The Wizard of Lies (2017)

The Wizard of Lies is HBO’s newest documentary which takes a look at Bernie Madoff and the biggest financial fraud scheme in recorded history. The film starts Robert De Niro as Bernie Madoff and Michelle Pfeiffer as his wife. 759 more words



Nearly thirty years ago, when I was starting out as an art teacher, I had a plan. I would teach art for five years and then transition back to becoming a full-time artist. 1,440 more words