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Socialism is NOT the Third World

“Flawed ideology, destroys the economy at best, creates a dictatorship at worst”
-a Chilean who lived in¬†Pinochet’s wake

“the argument i hear a lot is there are many forms of socialism, which is correct… 271 more words

Cultural Libertarianism

A guide for my fellow Bernie-bros, on arguments that help more than hurt

Ok, bros:

I feel your excitement. The primary season is picking up steam. Bernie is rolling towards a commanding win in New Hampshire, he’s gaining in national polls, he’s even gaining strength in Hillary’s firewall state of South Carolina. 497 more words

Five to One: A Political Statement

The song “Five to One” is about the power of the¬†new surpassing the traditions of the old. It is a song about revolution and change. 504 more words

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Is Bernie Sanders Vegan?

U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders rails against the American health care system, prescription drug companies, and out of control medical costs. He believes climate change is a real and present danger and combating it must be among America’s highest priorities. 459 more words


Why Clinton will always have a Millenial problem, (pssst spoiler alert, its not just Wall Street)

Sorry Clinton people but she will never win over millennials the way Bernie can because we remember her in 2004 too well. I really want people, especially Hilary supporters, to understand something. 276 more words


Why Bernie Can't and Won't Win

In a recent YouGov survey, 43 percent of respondents under age 30 said they had a favorable opinion of socialism, while just 32 percent said the same about capitalism. 112 more words