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Prince of thieves

  • Hello
  • Good morning madame. This is visa international fraud office, Karen speaking. May I speak to you about your visa account.
  • What about it?
  • There has been some suspicious activity on your account this morning and I need to confirm some details with you to protect your account…
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Bernie Sanders: Hypocritical, Socialist, Ass.

Wednesday, Bernie Sanders took to twitter to spew yet another load of volcanic ignorance.

The first, and most glaring mistake of this unfortunate tweet is Bernie’s assumption that people all over this country are somehow being “forced” to work for minimum wage. 669 more words


Trump County (don't miss this)

From The Guardian: McDowell County WV, 74% Trump. He talked to them; Hillary talked honestly and caringly about them (and T lied about what she said, as you see in the first video, below). 509 more words

46: "This is a metaphorical kidney I won't give you"

Bernie received yet another invitation to one of Callum’s theatrical performances. He sent it by mail to her old address and Priscilla hand delivered it with care one Thursday evening at the end of November. 1,211 more words


The 2016 Election Was The Matrix: Reloaded

Here is my silly pop culture analysis of the 2016 election. By now you may have read several other terrible ones, so you can read one more. 640 more words


Introducing Amy's Family


    Hello again every one. In case you’ve forgotten my name is Amy and I’m leader of the Rat Pack. After having been a little unhappy over the name the humans refer to groups of my kind, I’ve decided that Rat Pack sounds quite cool  and compared to some sounds quite reasonable. 778 more words


The Re-Vision Is Beginning

Yes, Dear Reader, I’m back, with my outloud thinking; and I’m very happy to be here with you. As narrator, I now have a two-fold job: (1) to extend the plot line with occasional new pages or episodes, in a bloglike manner, but free from obsession with the Trumpian daily misdirections; and, more important, (2) to assist the author with development of episodes that I left incomplete because of the daily distractions and the urgency (and drama) of the election season. 176 more words