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Pops Shaldjian: Michael. I’m at Bernie’s and he needs help with his computer. Talk to him.
Me: I don’t have time now….Oh, hi Bernie. 217 more words


Short, Simple and to the Point Humor

These short video concepts have been in my head for some time. I was proud to finally get them filmed and put online today.

A Puppet Farce…or…Fart?

A Body Switch

Is Bernie Ecclestone endangering the Future of Formula One?

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In the wake of Caterham and Marussia’s financial plight Formula One commercial supremo Bernie Ecclestone has said in a recent interview with Campaign Asia “Nobody will miss the two teams because they’re not front-running teams; they’ve only got a name that people would know because of the problem they’re in.” He also hinted that he would only like to see “Big Teams” on the grid, as he went on to say “You need teams like Ferrari. 740 more words

Formula One

But He Was Such a Nice Guy... Jack Black Evokes My Sympathy for a Killer in Bernie (2011)

Last month I heard a story on NPR about convicted murderer Bernie Tiede, who continued to be loved by his entire community in Carthage, (East- very important!) Texas, even after he admitted to murdering an elderly widow and keeping her in a deep freezer in the garage for nine months. 279 more words

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Dedicated ice fisherman stays out from sunrise to sunset on Lake Redman

Four times a week Bernie Fallert parks his car near the dam at Lake Redman and walks about a hundred and fifty yards out on the ice to drill a hole. 271 more words


Movie review: Bernie (2011)

Bernie wasn’t exactly what I expected. I was looking for something light. While the movie was categorized as a comedy, it turns out it was based on a true story: a 1996 murder. 291 more words


The Voices: Wrestling With Reality (Movie Review)

The Voices proves to be a Ryan Reynolds-vehicle of startling proportions. Sure, he has done funny (The Proposal), intense (Buried), animal voices ( 357 more words

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