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Bernie Sanders Rallies With Hundreds For 'People's Agenda' At U.S. Capitol

The feeling was almost… jubilant at a sun-soaked U.S. Capitol rally this afternoon where Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and hundreds of labor and other social justice activists celebrated the defeat of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and vowed to fight some of President-elect Donald Trump’s policies. 165 more words


4: "Presumably it means she has the feet of a monkey"

Lawrence’s friend Carla had been staying with Lawrence and Bernie for two and a half weeks. She was staying in the guest bedroom because she and her girlfriend Roisin were having problems. 1,591 more words


Americans Voted Not FOR A Candidate But Against One

If the powers that be had opened their ears, or cared at all, they would have seen their end coming. In 08, we took out the NEOcon repub party with the Tea Party, and now we are taking out the NEOliberal dems with our “NOT HILLARY” vote. 777 more words

World Matters

Talk about your timeline

How social media sites can change what we think

I remember when Facebook changed from the chronological timeline to an algorithm that was supposed to show users more of the information that they wanted to see.   491 more words


american democracy in repose

A crash of glass pummels my ears;
Death and terror fill my head;
Survival instincts jam rusty gears;
As the road around me fills with dread. 398 more words