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10 Things That Will Change If Bernie Sanders is President

1. Iphone 7: The same as the Iphone 6 but the workers that make it can now afford to eat. Cost: $8,956.34.

2.  The White House is now called the West European Style House. 164 more words


Hillary vs. Trump

I don’t make political posts here, but I’ve realized I don’t have a good reason. It’s time for things to change. Too much is at stake to remain silent. 304 more words


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A Political Temper Tantrum

If you’ve ever wondered what a temper tantrum looks like in politics, look no further: a political temper tantrum takes the form of a four-page letter demanding the removal of two high profile Democrats from the Democratic Platform Committee because they were mean. 186 more words

Why the 'Nordic Model' Cannot Work in America...Yet

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

Do you remember that passage in the Great Gatsby, when Nick sees Jay Gatsby for the first time and catches him staring far off into the distance, across the harbour, at a solitary green light?

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Time stopped. 

I’m in transition. Adventuring from one friend’s home to another…

Things have to be taken care of. Phone calls have to be made. Freedom (my car) packed up, filled up and washed. 1,584 more words

Democratic Party Death Wish

The Democratic party is trying it’s best to become irrelevant by trying to rig the primary process to nominate the choice of the establishment rather than the choice of the people. 808 more words