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Which Candidates Have More Support on Facebook? (11/27/15 UPDATE)

It’s been two and a half months since we last checked how the 2016 presidential candidates have been doing on Facebook. This time, we’ve added Democratic and Republican “Facebook like polls” to see how much of the Facebook likes they’ve got within their party. 622 more words


The Sarcastic MotoGP magazine - 1st edition

What better time to launch a magazine than the off-season? And what better magazine than one with less than 100 words to read? Let’s face it, we’re a generation of lazy readers. 309 more words


Thankful for Democracy, and for Bernie

Right about now, this novel needs to get back to a healthy imagination, to resist the sick imagination of the extremist Right. What better medicine than a democratic political revolution, one that brings out so many ordinary people to vote in their best interest that we actually have a chance to put political power into the hands of the people? 570 more words


Things To Ponder

Cops demand respect but respect isn’t something you can demand, it has to be earned. You don’t earn that respect by attacking peaceful demonstrators with night sticks and tanks or beating and shooting unarmed black men. 864 more words

Michael Hoyt

Throwing Down the Gauntlet: The Second Democratic Debate

Alex Sadler, JHU:

Desperate times called for desperate measures at the last Democratic debate. Saturday’s debate brought high pressure to Hillary’s challengers as they look to gain ground before the crucial December debate in New Hampshire. 616 more words

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Cross Eyed and Painless

for sonofabeach96

There was a line
There was a formula
Sharp as a knife
Facts cut a hole in us
There was a line
There was a formula… 13 more words

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