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Donna Brazile keynote informative, but Q&A responses a bit disappointing

By Bryan Anderson

On Thursday night, I got to attend a keynote address from Donna Brazile, interim chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The talk itself was about 35 minutes long and fairly informative. 283 more words

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Abortion: Not a Controversy

Abortion has long been deemed one of the major controversial topics between Conservatives and Liberals and I am here to tell you it is not a controversy. 3,602 more words


Bible Belt Socialism

When you think of the Bible Belt, what comes to mind? God, bonfires of Beatles records, and….SOCIALISM?

When you think about Oklahoma, chances are you are thinking of the musical “Oklahoma” stereotype. 390 more words

Hillary Clinton

Once Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton

Once Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton saw Bernie Sanders in the shop that sells sunglasses: “Look! Bernie is buying a refrigerator. That reminds me – we may need a big freezer soon.”


Once Donald Trump heard

Once Donald Trump heard from his tower like Bernie Sanders yelled: “It’s a revolution!” He thought to himself: “That’s a good yell. Maybe someday I’ll be able to yell something like that. 20 more words


Bernie Sanders lived in Vermont

Bernie Sanders lived in Vermont. Barack Obama lived in Washington DC. They often had business in New York. Every time they bumped into each other, Bernie Sanders would chase Barack Obama with a stick down the 5th avenue. 27 more words


The 'Political Revolution': How It Has Influenced Modern American Politics

The political revolutioneven after the primaries ended, even after Hillary took the Democratic nomination, continued to shock the political system with its residual effect. 509 more words