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What Bernie Taught Me

I saw Bernie Sanders make a speech about a month ago.  Yes, I know this is quite late to be writing a blog post about him.   305 more words

Simple facts. They help.

I read a Medium story about the Dem’s and Hillary and how they misunderstood Bernie’s message and, well.. you know. You’ve heard it. I’m going to keep this simple. 279 more words


Coffee for the Soul

My passion motivates me; inspiration is coffee for my (agnostic) soul. When I feel dull or empty, I look for something to revitalize me. Coffee for the soul is a boost for me that has been as simple as watching a Ted Talk or as ambitious as having coffee with an author I looked up to (thank you to Grant Lichtman – author of “#EdJourney” which changed how I think). 791 more words


2867 (censored title / die qual der wahl)

Sternzeit 0999,5 fünf vor zwölf

Bernie das Biberratteneichhörnchen war aufgerufen, als verantwortlicher Staatsbürger des Tierreichs seine Stimme abzugeben. Nun verhielt es sich leider so, dass man lediglich das geringste von allen möglichen Übeln wählen konnte. 278 more words


A challenge to the conventional wisdom

Here are the real fucking political truths these “progressives” don’t want to admit:

  1. From civil rights, gay rights, women’s rights, health care reform, immigration issues… the Democratic Party has been at the forefront moving the discussion and policy forward.
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100th Anniversary: A Century of Fakers, Fraudsters and Rogues

(Source: www.forbes.com)

This story appears in the September 28, 2017 issue of Forbes. Subscribe

From Bernie Cornfeld to Bernie Madoff, a swindlers list for the ages—some of whom we never saw coming. 1,001 more words

Money Matters

Photo-A-Day, Day 36, My Life, 9/19/2017

I did not know what to expect my classmates to be like when I enrolled at RCC. This week of “My Life”, you will get to know some of them. 71 more words