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Sanders: FBI inquiry of wife is 'pathetic' attack | TheHill

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Tuesday broke his silence on an FBI inquiry into his wife Jane Sanders, calling the probe a “pathetic” and politically motivated attack. 92 more words



No, we aren’t doing the YMCA with the Village People. :) We did, however, go to a Family Motor Coach Association rally June 19-25 in Longview, Washington. 383 more words


Hillary Clinton signed by The New England Patriots after collusion efforts in "Deflate Bernie-Gate" are revealed!

First there was “Deflate-Gate”…now there is “Deflate Bernie-Gate”.

Hillary Clinton signed by The New England Patriots after highlighting her collusion efforts in “Deflate Bernie-Gate”.

Hillary Clinton is once again the subject of a major scandal… this time involving the national football league. 119 more words


Bernie Sanders Explains How Republicans View the Working People

During an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN, Bernie Sanders explained why Republicans care more about the wealthy than working people


Bernie Sanders: Another Perspective

I probably don’t have to tell you who Bernie Sanders is, he’s the most popular active politician in the United States. Bernie became a hero to many by standing up to greedy ‘capitalists’ and promising big hope and change™ to all of his followers. 3,154 more words


ARC Review: Bernie by Brianna West

Bernie by Brianna West 5/5

Nyla, born and raised in the In-Between realm as the princess of the Spiritum Bellatorum, has been betrothed from birth and forced to conceal the true personality within in order to project herself as nothing but the perfect princess she was taught to be. 374 more words


On the Road for the People's Agenda

The People’s Summit, held June 9-11, 2017 in Chicago, brought together activists committed to a People’s Agenda and dedicated to holding all elected officials accountable to popular demands for affordable healthcare and education, equitable distribution of wealth, and climate solutions. 540 more words