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Rosalind in F# - Independent Alleles

In Independent Alleles, we once again need to dive in to the world of probability and statistics. This time, however, there is no clever way around and no way elegant way to brute force our way to an answer. 1,213 more words


So If You Can't Win The Clock Game You Should Feel Bad

I have one last important thing to discuss before I finish my months spun off an offhand comment from The Price Is Right. There are a couple minor points I can also follow up on, but I don’t think they’re tied tightly enough to the show to deserve explicit mention or rate getting “tv” included as one of my keywords. 955 more words


Finding, and Starting to Understand, the Answer

If the probability of having one or fewer clean sweep episodes of The Price Is Right out of 6,000 aired shows is a little over one and a half percent — … 508 more words


The Significance of the Item Up For Bids

The last important idea missing before we can judge this problem about The Price Is Right clean sweeps of Contestants Row is the significance level. Whenever an experiment is run — whether it’s… 318 more words


The First Tail

We became suspicious of the number of clean sweeps in The Price Is Right when there were not the expected six of them in 6,000 episodes. 747 more words