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Get Comfy—Knitting and Crocheting with Berroco Comfort

If you want a yarn that is soft and washable, with many colors and weights to choose from, then Berroco Comfort® is the yarn for you. 193 more words


The Freddy Problem

Turns out the Freddy problem isn’t much of a problem at all.  Thanks to everyone who had sizing suggestions last week!  I read all the links, measured carefully and promptly decided to ignore what appeared to be facts. 98 more words


Knitting without wool

A question that comes through the info@berroco.com email inbox at least once every week or so is which yarns does Berroco make without any wool? This week I’ve got a round up of the current Berroco yarns that are great for all seasons but made without any animal fibers and a few pattern suggestions as well. 351 more words


Freddy, Jr.

Who’s inner 5-year old doesn’t want to live in Opposite Land?  It’s been FO after FO all week, so it’s entirely fitting to end the week with a new cast on.   225 more words


Luca Baby Sweater

The secret knitting parade continues today with a baby sweater — Luca, from Berroco!

When it comes to babies, sweaters are my go-to.  This one was a no brainer.   209 more words