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Do we need less human leadership & more Jesus' Presence?

Leaderless meetings are chaotic; but when we let Jesus lead us it’s miraculous. Christ-followers should be animated by Jesus; not atrophied by acquiescent religion! We are to follow the Way — the living Jesus, not a routine. 276 more words

Photographs from Liverpool's Chinatown

The Chinatown quarter of Liverpool has a very interesting history. It has the unique distinction of being the oldest Chinatown in Europe. During the 19th century when Liverpool was a thriving and increasingly prosperous port city through the booming shipping industry, and when Britain was an enormous colonial power, it was trading with most of the world. 337 more words

Berry Long Run 2016

Yes, this post is three months late. I suppose work got the better of me right after the race, and that just led to procrastination. Still, this is a race I want to remember, so finish the post I did, and here it is for anyone else who might want to have a bit of a read of the day’s events from my perspective. 9,296 more words


Berry long run berry soon...

And just like that, Berry Long Run 2016 is less than 36h away. I’ve put in the miles, am feeling good, and have set myself a 10h target to get through the 70km and 2000+m of positive elevation that the course has to throw at me. 350 more words