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Berserk 1997: Action With Complications And Meaning

Berserk is a brilliant anime that I’d consider a must watch for anyone who likes and enjoys anime. From the outside looking in this show appears to be some kind of dark, demonic action show but it really isn’t. 722 more words


Anime Club: Berserk: The Golden Age Arc I: The Egg of the King


DIRECTED BY: Toshiyuki Kubooka

GENRE: Action, Dark Fantasy

YEAR: 2012


Guts, a mercenary, attracts the attention of the Band of the Hawk and is forced into joining the group after being defeated by its leader Griffith twice. 342 more words

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How Berserk 2016 Completely Misses the Point Of Berserk Manga (part 2)

Previously I discussed why the build up and ending of the skeleton fight scene completely missed the point of Berserk manga and I will continue to do this by analysing thoroughly why the build up and middle of the scene really don’t do the manga justice. 997 more words


How Berserk 2016 Completely Misses the Point of Berserk Manga

From the previous part we established that the main appeal of Berserk wasn’t the crazy intense action scenes and more the great story, personality and history of Guts. 1,172 more words


Berserk: How To Introduce A Great Character

Recently I’ve become a huge fan of the massively popular manga named Berserk. Due to this, after reading the first few volumes I tried watching both anime’s of it up until the point where they catch up with where the manga left off. 1,280 more words


The Opening to the 1997 Berserk Anime is Somehow a Garage Rock Banger

Why didn’t anybody tell me about this earlier?

Seriously, after marathoning all 347 currently available chapters of Berserk in the fall I was shocked to find myself playing air guitar while listening to the 1997 anime adaptation’s… 75 more words


So Berserk and the Band of the Hawk is all about the bosses after all

Well I’d say “mostly.” After playing through over 30 missions monotony has begun to set in just a bit. Don’t get me wrong, the combat is still fun as heck and keeps me playing for just one more mission every time, but playing only as Guts for the entire campaign (I’m guessing) makes the already repetitive nature of the game a little worse. 257 more words

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