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Salute Late Baharudin

The bell of Democracy tolled mesmerizingly

You heeded enthusiastically not for glory

You walked steadfastly in defiant of tyranny

You paid regrettably the price most dearly… 63 more words


Salute Aunty Bersih

A face in thousands, unbeknown

A diminutive and frail lady, unrecognized

A stalk of white chrysanthemum, unappreciated

A lone voice in the multitude, unheard


A rendezvous not with infamy but Destiny… 43 more words


Salute 709

Thousands from all walks of life

Young and old, able and disable

Men and women, single and married

From all races and religions


Braving rain, sun and heat… 42 more words


Today, the Day of Destiny

In bated breath the nation awaits

Spots of yellows begin to emerge

Soon congregate into pockets then into seas

Yellow tides surged towards Merdeka in defiant intent… 83 more words


The Ninth of July

The ninth of July; looms forebodingly

Whatever the means; press, police, goons or gangsters

Outlaw the Movement; incarcerate her messengers

Stonewall the Walk; quash her aspiration and prayer… 77 more words


Bersih 3.0 Protest (The Clean 3.0 Protest) 2012

Check this Video for more information:

The Below Slideshows will show photos on the Bersih protest. Photos will show protesters and also how the Malaysian police used brutal force to remove peaceful protesters. 24 more words

The fate of Wong Tack


The decision of environmental group Himpunan Hijau leader Wong Tack to contest in the next general election has reminded me of Bersih 2.0 steering committee co-chairperson Datuk S. 609 more words