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No.148 Bert Jansch - Bert Jansch

This is frequently very lovely and features Jansch’s signature guitar work, which is pretty amazing at times. It’s too out and out Folk for my taste but, should someone order me to listen to any Folk album of my choosing, this might well be my Folk album of choice.

January '69 - A Bert Jansch Folk & Blues Classic

Bert Jansch – Birthday Blues

In the late 1960’s and early ’70’s there was seemingly an alternate universe of musicians and bands happening right alongside the mega groups, and in some cases (cough Led Zeppelin cough) they were a serious influence, even providing the only female vocal ever heard on a song by that parenthetical band. 457 more words

Going For A Song: 'In the Bleak Mid-Winter'

Bert Jansch – In the Bleak Mid-Winter

Merry Christmas all.

Fifty Year Friday: Spirit, Pentangle

Spirit: The Family That Plays Together

In November 1968, Spirit follows up their impressive first album with an even stronger and more polished second album, again produced by Lou Adler with arrangements by Marty Paich. 548 more words


Christmas Alphabet I for In The Bleak Midwinter : Shawn Colvin & Bert Jansch

We live, now, in a world where, at the flick of a switch, we can be bathed in brilliant light.

But, for millennia it was not so. 398 more words


Bert Jansch: Just A Simple Soul 

I would like to say that I like Just A Simple Soul, a new reflection on the work of Bert Jansch. Well, I do like it, really like it, but the word ‘like’ doesn’t have the sort feel that I wish to convey.  302 more words

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