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The effect of variance on returns

Recently I have been focusing* on minimising Bertie’s variance. The importance of managing variance was brought to attention when I made over £100 on a day where my expected value was something tiny. 327 more words


Bertie: the basics

Bertie has been written in Python and uses a PostgreSQL database. He sits on Betfair’s exchange and offers prices for which punters can bet. Let’s break each of these down. 481 more words


The Big Questions

Scene: Mum sorting laundry, Bert watching Shrek 3

Bert: “Muuum…?”

Mum: “Mm-hmm?”

Bert: “You know when you have a baby?”

Mum : “Yup.”

Bert: “You know you have special cuddles?” 51 more words


Every cloud...

Bert, home from school with a tummy ache, engaged in the very serious business of looking poorly: “On the bright side, me and Jem have got a new sort of brother…” 19 more words


From 1989 "A Message from Your local TD Bertie Ahern"

From the 1989 General Election campaign a leaflet distributed to voters, “A Message from Your local TD Bertie Ahern”.
Many thanks to the sender.

Irish Politics

Status Report 4.2.17, Saturday pm.

Family status report, Saturday 4th Feb, 3.30 pm

Mum: Just finished a deep clean of the bathroom, about to write up a knitting pattern and make some toasties for the gang. 88 more words


Edits for Breakfast

I did my very first Facebook Live video yesterday! It’s a flip-through of my Naughty Fairies Adult Coloring Book Cleaned Up for Company and it is replete with shaky camera, fast talking, and all the other newbie bits! 217 more words