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Bertie & Biggles had a half-birthday

Hello all, Percy here.

Sorry I’m late this week. Yesterday was Bertie and Biggles’ half-birthday. It’s a half a year since they were born, so they are now six months old. 216 more words


How His Worlds End

Hard news tonight.  I found myself last Friday on the receiving end of an auto which was busily demonstrating Newtonian physics in action, with associated rattled brain and body. 279 more words


Bertie is Busy

Hello Momu Fans!

You remember that the boy and Bertie have been very busy with the RC cars and things like that lately?  Well they say they are still very busy tweaking the cars so that the boy can go racing soon  – it’s ever so exciting! 38 more words

Lad Business

My bed's back!

When Mummy brought me up here to the run, I left my lovely blue bed behind.  I missed it.  She said Bertie & Biggles needed it to feel safe and secure without me. 262 more words


My Nose and Midge's Birthday

Hello, Bertie here today.

Last week was funny.  We went out in the garden on Monday and Tuesday. The next day it started raining so we didn’t go again until Saturday.   238 more words


Trouble and Strife

Percy here today. It’s been a difficult week. Mummy spent a lot of the time out – even stayed out two nights (Wednesday and Saturday). She left us lots of food so we were fine, but we got a bit tetchy and nervous. 317 more words