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Is this the real grass? Is it just fantasy?

Mummy gave us a pile of grass the other day.  It was sunny all day. She was out in her golf things as usual. When she got home it was too cold for us to go out.   239 more words


A woman needs a bus like a fish needs a bicycle

I think Bertie-bus-stop must be in one of his low phases at the moment . I’ve noticed he swings between talking (a terrible lot) and staring out bitterly at the sea – or what would be the sea if the huge grassy bank of the sea wall wasn’t between us and it, since we’re below sea level. 978 more words


Boring week

Hello, Bertie here again.  We had a very boring week.  We didn’t go outside once.  Not once!

It was either too cold, too wet, or Mummy wasn’t here. 94 more words


Everybody's talking at me...

So far I have been looking for things to ‘snap’ around the house, but it’s been one of those days and I just couldn’t locate any Talking Heads, Jabbering Clowns etc to go with my title. 1,030 more words


Tea and SomeEditsy

Greetings from the Land of Eternal Edits! ALBATROSS has had its release date pushed back for Complicated Publisher Reasons. A by-product of this extra time means that Bertie and I get to do a FINAL (this-time-really-for-true) final edit. 157 more words


Book Review: The Inimitable Jeeves

For someone like me, to review the work of an author who has been credited for being ‘The funniest writer ever to put words to paper’ is like cracking a racist joke in front of Russel Peters ( 431 more words

Book Review

Come for a walk...

…in my garden. Excuse the weeds and lack of deadheading, it’s beautiful anyway.

And in his doggie paradise sits…

…Bertie, surveying his kingdom.

Thanks for coming on this little wander with us :)

See you soon xxx