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Gravitational force of a Bessel light beam

Gravitational coupling between intense laser beams can exist. By analysing the gravitational force due to a pulsed Bessel beam and its effect on the probe pulse, it is found that the Bessel beam generates gravitational repulsive forces at small distances and attractive forces at large distance. 599 more words

General Relativity

Russia Puts Nuclear Bombers On High Alert Over American UFO Attack | EUTimes.net

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A truly unsettling Space Forces Command (VKS) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Putin… 416 more words

Tractor beam built from rings of laser light

Stand aside, Wesley Crusher: there’s a new tractor beam on deck that pulls objects using nothing more than laser light. 421 more words


Wiggly chromosomes, fiery filopodia, & wavy vacuoles

Interesting article on the BBC today, entitled: ‘Light sheets’ image life in 3D. A new microscopy method has been developed which allows the visualisation of… 175 more words