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Getting Financially Fit for Retirement at 50. By John Jastremski

Things for trailing-edge boomers & Gen Xers to consider. 

When you turn 50, retirement starts to seem less abstract. In terms of retirement planning, a 50th birthday can act as a wake-up call. 1,119 more words

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Are You Underprepared for Retirement? By John Jastremski

A university study serves as a wake-up call.

Financially speaking, how many Americans are truly on track to retire? A recently published white paper suggests that about half of us are approaching our “third acts” with faulty assumptions. 806 more words

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Retirement Planning Can Start with an IRA. By John Jastremski

These accounts make a good “first step” in retirement saving. 

Sooner or later, people decide to start saving and investing for retirement. When that starting point arrives, taking that “first step” can seem like a big deal. 1,094 more words

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The Big Economic Mystery of 2015. By John Jastremski

If the economy is healthy, why are retail sales so poor? 

Retail sales have been flat or negative for four out of the past five months. 785 more words

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Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage or Invest? By John Jastremski

Owning a home outright is a dream that many Americans share. Having a mortgage can be a huge burden, and paying it off may be the first item on your financial to-do list. 1,240 more words

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China’s Chaotic Market. By John Jastremski

As the world watches, the nation’s government tries to end the downturn.

Investors worldwide worry about the state of China’s equity market. You could argue that these fears have impacted Wall Street as much as the crisis in Greece. 849 more words

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Another Glitch Hits Wall Street. By John Jastremski

The NYSE freezes floor trading for more than three hours.

Floor trading was abruptly halted at the New York Stock Exchange Wednesday. At 11:32 am EST, a sudden problem forced the NYSE to interrupt trading in all symbols and cancel all open orders in its main market. 663 more words

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