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Social Security Survivor Benefits. By John Jastremski

About 5 million widowed Americans get Social Security survivor benefits. If your spouse has passed, you may be eligible to collect them. This means that you could receive as much as 100% of your late spouse’s Social Security income.1,2… 1,145 more words

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Retirement Plans for Small Businesses. By John Jastremski

If you’re self-employed or own a small business and you haven’t established a retirement savings plan, what are you waiting for? A retirement plan can help you and your employees save for the future. 1,443 more words

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Taking a Loan from Your Retirement Plan = Bad Idea. By John Jastremski

Why you should refrain from making this move.

Thinking about borrowing money from your 401(k), 403(b), or 457 account? Think twice about that, because these loans are not only risky but injurious to your retirement planning. 805 more words

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Protecting Yourself Against Cyberattacks (2015). By John Jastremski

How vulnerable is your data?

25% of Americans were cyberhacked between March 2014 and March 2015. The American Institute of CPAs announced that alarming discovery in April, publishing the results of a survey conducted by Harris Poll. 795 more words

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Protecting Your Savings and Investments. By John Jastremski

In the wake of turbulence in the financial markets, it’s worth reviewing the legal protections available for assets held by banks, credit unions, and securities dealers. 1,246 more words

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How Women Are Planning Their Financial Futures. By John Jastremski

From assorted survey data, an interesting snapshot emerges.

Women are taking action to approach retirement with greater confidence. Some recent, intriguing survey data indicates that women are planning their financial futures with some degree of pragmatism, but also with considerable motivation. 1,078 more words

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The Strong Dollar: Good or Bad? By John Jastremski

What is dollar strength & who invests in it?

You may have heard that the dollar is “strong” right now. You may have also heard that a strong dollar amounts to a headwind against commodities and stocks. 957 more words

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