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Changing Jobs? Take Your 401(k) and Roll It. By John Jastremski

If you’ve lost your job, or are changing jobs, you may be wondering what to do with your 401(k) plan account. It’s important to understand your options. 1,591 more words

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How Grandparents Can Help Grandchildren with College Costs. By John Jastremski

As the cost of a college education continues to climb, many grandparents are stepping in to help. This trend is expected to accelerate as baby boomers, many of whom went to college, become grandparents and start gifting what’s predicted to be trillions of dollars over the coming decades. 1,475 more words

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Separately Managed Accounts: Tailored to Suit You. By John Jastremski

Mutual funds have been one alternative for many investors seeking professional money management. But when you buy shares of a mutual fund, your assets are pooled with those of other fund shareholders. 1,513 more words

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Women: Planning for the Financial Impact of Children. By John Jastremski

Children are a special blessing and their arrival brings boundless love and joy into our lives that you can’t put a price on. But adding a child to the household impacts the family budget–and women especially—in very measurable ways. 824 more words


Disaster Preparedness for Businesses. By John Jastremski

As a successful business owner, you don’t want to think about your operations being interrupted by a natural disaster or other unexpected event. Yet the possibility is a real one. 1,232 more words

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Top Year-End Investment Tips. By John Jastremski

Just what you need, right? One more time-consuming task to be taken care of between now and the end of the year. But taking a little time out from the holiday chores to make some strategic saving and investing decisions before December 31 can affect not only your long-term ability to meet your financial goals but also the amount of taxes you’ll owe next April. 1,666 more words


Protecting Your Loved Ones with Life Insurance. By John Jastremski

How much life insurance do you need?

Your life insurance needs will depend on a number of factors, including the size of your family, the nature of your financial obligations, your career stage, and your goals. 1,335 more words

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