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Identifying the Reason that Could Make Your Banner Ads Sink

Let’s face it; most of the banners ads are worthless. The viewers just see them and then, don’t take much of time to ignore. It simply gets translated into an undeniable reality that industrial revolution brought in by online-aided marketing has failed to give a worthy virtual tiny space to the banner advertisers for creating brand awareness. 402 more words

Sharing the Secrets of How to Design an Effective Web Banner

These days, banner is a useful means of online advertisements. They were not so popular even a decade ago but with virtual business competition taking a frenetic pace, they have become an excellent medium to market your way to the crest of success. 431 more words

Banner Ad Bomb

Learn how to use BANNER ADS to drop your competition in its tracks. Banner ads basics. Choose a great punchline. How to have great copy. Attention grabbers like FREE and NEW. 14 more words

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