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From Stranded to Saved: How These Best Buddies Flew in Style

Tommy McFly experienced an aviation miracle en route to the 2017 Best Buddies Leadership Conference on Friday.

As he recounted on The Tommy Show Monday, Tommy was shepherding 10… 469 more words


Best Buddies Leadership Programs - Ambassadors and Promoters

For more than a decade, Scott Sohr has been working as an entrepreneur in Tennessee. The president of STS Ventures, a startup incubator, he oversees the conception and development of startups in a range of industries, including real estate, healthcare, and financial technology. 199 more words

Scott Sohr

Off The Beaten Track

Haven’t seen my friend for a while.

Or talked.

We explode, implode–very volatile


when we meet.

One topic is exhaustive–all

we talk about.

Arguments flail the air– 56 more words


If I was a grasshopper

or a praying mantis

I’d work on my grooming

and polish my angular


Who knows when another

of ‘my kind’ will appear… 104 more words

A Moment of Silence for The Boston Globe

Please give a moment of silence to the victim of a recent tragedy: The Boston Globe. They are the victim of “censorship.” An innocent media vilified and banned for doing nothing other than it’s job…reporting the *cough* news. 553 more words

Tom Brady

Mazz: I Believe Tom Brady Knew Globe Photographer Would Get Barred From Event

BOSTON (CBS) — The Best Buddies organization said that Friday night’s barring of a Boston Globe photographer from a charity event took place without Tom Brady’s knowledge. 504 more words

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Do You Really Care About Tom Brady-Best Buddies-Boston Globe Incident?

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — OK, let’s be honest for a quick second: The idea of Tom Brady, owner of the No. 939 more words

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