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To the people who use the phrase "special needs" in the wrong way

Don’t Limit Me

By Carly Klein

“Don’t limit me”- Megan Bomgaars

This past school year I had the privilege to be part of a new class at my high school, A.C.Es Art (acceptance, care, equality). 456 more words


Within Me

I want to turn off


and just be


for a while.

Who is this

person who

lives with/in


He rarely gets… 50 more words


I really wish I could give

my heart to another.

It’s the only one I have.

I wouldn’t want it

hurt or broken.

I would give it away… 48 more words

Friends for a lifetime

It is hard to make real friendship. Statistic says that in life we might have 1-3 real friends for a lifetime. Others are acquaintances, colleagues from workplace or people we meet every day on the street.   407 more words


Summer Trek

Open like a peach

on the way to the beach

No pit inside

all flesh for each

leaves shade

we have it made

take a dip… 36 more words

The Missing Kennedy is a story of compassion and hope despite tragedy

Review | Bancroft Press

Who isn’t intrigued by the Kennedys? Everyone has an opinion of the famous family, but one of the most important opinions comes from Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff, author of… 1,259 more words

My Writing

Just Us

I am not the easiest person to love.

I am selfish, moody, standoffish, and I don’t like to sacrifice or give a lot myself.

See.. I told you I am just not very loveable. 393 more words