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Kanban! Kanban! Kanban!

Written by Brent Hunter Watts
Director of Business Development ConnectPlus powered by Etactics

If you had asked me 6 months ago, what is a Kanban, I might have responded with a city in South Africa or a type of monkey indigenous to the Amazon Region of South America or the original name for a classic Star Trek villain. 159 more words

A New View On CRM

By: Brent Hunter Watts
Director of Business Development ConnectPlus powered by Etactics

In the years I have spent in Sales and Sales Management, one of the most troublesome aspects of the organizations I have worked for was the ability to understand what was happening within the organization and where management and individual contributors needed to focus their attention. 157 more words

Creating an Effective Invoice with a Branded Message

Written by Rachael Ossovicki

Imagine this, you’re at an expensive restaurant, and every detail was perfect about the experience. The food was fantastic, service was excellent, and the atmosphere was positive. 532 more words

Business Best Practices

8 Tips to Avoid Malpractice Claims

In most areas of law practice, problems with lawyer-client communications are the number one cause of malpractice claims, followed closely by basic deadline and time management issues. 377 more words

Professional Liability

17 Defensive Moves!

“Since late 2009 the FBI has been warning law firms about noticeable increases in cyber-attacks,”  according to John Sroka, CIO of Duane, Morris LLP… 358 more words

Professional Liability

Get Powerful, Strike a Pose.

In the future, “the most successful leader will be the one whose policies, actions, behaviors, and body language are strategically aligned with his verbal messages,” according to executive coach and behavior consultant, … 317 more words

Professional Liability

Advice from Richard Branson: give your employees freedom

By Jack Preston of Virgin

You won’t come across many people who have never had a boss. The thought of not having someone to answer to at work is a peculiar one for most people, however for… 463 more words

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