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Halloween: Best Costume Ever

Good evening blog fans,

As we finish digesting our turkey dinners it is time to think about the next important holiday; Halloween.

Yes its that time of year where we tell our children to talk to that stranger and definitely take the candy he is offering. 254 more words

Best Cosplay costume EVA! brings freaking tears to my eyes!

EXTREm creativity ! lol this is from a youtube video
so click on the pic is you want to watch to video

Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tubeman! 126 more words

trying to figure out how you could pull this off with rhyan …

my sister posted this on my facebook page last night

& i haven’t stopped laughing since.

32 more words

trick-or-treating in footie pajamas

I was in kindergarten.

It was the Halloween party.

And I wore my footie pajamas.

I know you know the kind. The ones that zip all the way up from one leg? 227 more words