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Best Director - 1968

Official Nominations: Carol Reed. Anthony Harvey. Stanley Kubrick. Gillo Pontecorvo. Franco Zeffirelli.

Some expected nominations this year, alongside a couple of surprises. Gillo Pontecorvo makes a surprise appearance for the wonderful  673 more words

The Oscars

Film #563: La Cage Aux Folles (1979)

After sitting through quite a few long and dark films I was glad to learn that my next film on the Best Director list was going to be a ninety minute comedy. 678 more words

Best Director

Film #562: Das Boot (1982)

From Sweden we journey to Germany to look at the film that netted Wolfgang Petersen his only Best Director nomination. That film was Das Boot which, like both of the Bergman films I just reviewed, was also released in several cuts including being shown as a TV series on BBC One. 865 more words

Best Director

Film #561: Face to Face (1976)

We continue to the second part of our Bergman double bill now with 1976’s Face to Face which, at just under two hours, was a lot more digestible than Fanny and Alexander. 645 more words

Best Director

Film #560: Fanny and Alexander (1983)

Our round-the-world trip returns to Sweden now for a double bill from arguably that country’s greatest director Ingmar Bergman. Although only of Bergman’s films was nominated for Best Picture, in the form of 1973’s Cries and Whispers, he was recognised another couple of times in the Best Director category. 1,034 more words

Best Director

Film #559: Ran (1985)

We leap now from Sweden of the 1950s to Japan of the Middle Ages as we find the only the film from the legendary Akira Kurosawa to be nominated for one of the ‘Big Five’ Oscars. 873 more words

Best Director

Film #558: My Life as a Dog (1987)

Recently in this best director log we’ve looked at offerings from the likes of Spielberg and Scorsese who are both directors that have produced multiple Best Picture nominees. 790 more words

Best Director