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"Bird Man". A Movie Review !

I guess I should start by warning you that if you haven’t seen this movie yet, you might want to stop reading now, as I will be revealing certain parts of the movie’s plot. 671 more words

The Divorcee

Directed: Robert Z. Leonard

Year: 1930

Nominated: Best Film, Best Director – Robert Z. Leonard, Best Actress – Norma Shearer

Won: Best Actress – Norma Shearer… 430 more words


Weary River

Directed: Frank Lloyd

Year: 1929

Nominated: Best Director – Frank Lloyd

Plot in 25 Words: A framed man turns over a new leaf while in prison. 214 more words


Madame X

Directed: Lionel Barrymore

Year: 1929

Nominated: Best Director -  Lionel Barrymore, Best Actress – Ruth Chatterton

Plot in 25 Words: A cheating wife is cast aside by her scorned husband. 286 more words


2015 Academy Awards: 5 winners we weren't expecting!

Well, well, it’s almost been a week since the Oscars, and while the ceremony itself was underwhelming, courtesy of a slightly disappointing host (I still love you, Neil Patrick Harris), the results were certainly not. 914 more words

Life As Told By Film


By Paola Ordoñez

“Ego loves competition, because for someone to win someone has to lose, but the paradox is that true art, true individual expression, as all the work of these incredible fellow film makers can’t be compared, can’t be labeled, can’t be defeated because they existed, and our work, only will be judged, as always by time” -Alejandro Iñaritu- 322 more words