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Mad Max: Fury Road

There was a point in time last year when I said out loud “I think Mad Max is a good film, I just don’t see it getting much recognition from The Academy”. 403 more words

Film #534: United 93 (2006)

When looking at these Best Director-nominated films I always keep wondering why these films weren’t nominated for Best Picture as well. In the case of 2006’s United 93 it may well have been that the documentary-like style of the film didn’t have the same appeal as the more traditional storytelling of The Departed or The Queen. 717 more words

Best Director

RJ Awards: Best Director Nominations

Lenny Abrahamson – Room

Ryan Coogler – Creed

Alejandro González Iñárritu – The Revenant

George Miller – Mad Max Fury Road

Ridley Scott – The Martian  


Film #533: Boyz N The Hood (1991)

Normal service has now been resumed folks and I’m back chatting the films that received a Best Director nomination but weren’t given that Best Picture nod. 913 more words

Best Director


The bad news has been confirmed by researchers from Scotland’s Heriot Watt University: watching romantic comedies is bad for our love lives. This validates the therapists who tell anecdotes about frustrated individuals coming in expecting to encounter in life a quasi-magical special person who will know their desires and feelings innately, without being told. 1,660 more words

Academy Awards

Oscars 2015: DGA Awards

They gave out the DGA Awards earlier tonight. Or, I guess yesterday, since it’s like 3am now.

Alejandro G. Inarritu won for The Revenant. 106 more words


filmmixtape's Best Director of 2015

One of the reasons that helped 2015 be such a strong year for film is the strength of vision from a large number of directors. This was truly a director’s year and that was reflected both inside and outside of the studio system, with big gambles in approach being taken from… 358 more words