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1) Your health practitioner must care approximately you as a character. Every affected person has her very own tale-no longer just of contamination and symptoms, however additionally who she is as someone. 381 more words

Inflammation as a Cause of Heart Attacks and Strokes

Years ago I attended a series of lectures sponsored by the Cleveland Clinic to promote its proprietary lab tests that were geared to detect previously undetectable causes of heart attacks and strokes. 507 more words

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How to Improve your future affordable Healthcare tips

How to Improve your Affordable Healthcare

Why do we discover it so hard to stick to regular exercising, even when we realize it enables lessen strain, increases temper and self-esteem, improves concentration, sleep and strength tears, and headaches and pains? 301 more words

weight gain fruits and vegetables -doctor tips

Watch this video for nutrition plan for weight gain fruits and vegetables Click more healthy doctor tips click here

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My First Day on the Job …

There has been a great deal of discussion about doctors’ in training work hours and work load. In June of 1976 I reported to the Jackson Memorial Hospital complex three days in advance of my start date for orientation. 2,228 more words

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Flu Activity at Its Local Height. Flu Shot Effectiveness Set at 48%.

The most recent epidemiologic data from the Center for Disease Control states that this year’s flu shots reduced a patients chance of catching the flu by 48% compared to no vaccine at all. 201 more words

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