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Rising Dutch star Pitou discusses new EP I Fall Asleep So Fast

A renewed sense of an international identity post-Brexit is shining a long-overdue spotlight on the incredible music being made around Europe. You sense that Amsterdam-born songwriter  25 more words

Best Fit

Data Skew

In distributed systems, the data is split into logical units called Partitions. Data is distributed using hashing of rows. If keys are well distributed, then the data is uniformly distributed across partitions. 314 more words


Moving Towards The End Of Auditions

Two weeks of auditions down, and we’re into the final week.  Today, I had the Year 3 and 4 dance auditions.  Well, let’s be honest, “dance” is a loose term!  532 more words

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Nine Songs: Everything Everything

Jonathan Higgs remains fascinated by the musical elements that still inform his own band’s style: the thrill of novelty, the power of repetition, and the allure of narratives that defy easy resolution. 9 more words



Since jeans have become the uniform worn around the world by young and old they deserve attention. Without doubt jeans are the sexiest pants ever made, leaving nothing about your figure to… 472 more words


Tune-Yards implore us to listen to other voices, and the way we use our own

When I talk about voices, I am gesturing around the room. It is understood that voices are non-white, female, queer, working class, trans, excluded or otherwise compromised narratives that require underlining in urgent reds and blacks. 141 more words

Best Fit

If the shoes fit

Recently someone was sharing with me, their uncertainty about what to do.

It had taken this person some time to work out what was making them unsettled, and now they were looking at the different pieces that made up their life and working out what to do next. 332 more words