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Towards an Immanent Business Ethics?

I just published the paper “Towards an Immanent Business Ethics?” in Asian Journal of Humanities and Social Studies.

Abstract – The aim of this paper is to explore the possibilities for an immanent ethics for business. 105 more words


Welcome to Your Very Own Virtual Reality

What is your reality and is it different from another person’s reality? Some may say that two peoples’ realities may differ but one must be more accurate than the other, or closer to the… 611 more words

Health (physical, Mental, Emotional)

Congratulations, You're not hired!

I wasn’t aware of how annoying job hunting can be. I have been involuntarily unemployed for a month or so, I don’t even know today’s date. 407 more words


To (Some) High School Seniors:

This is for everyone who is freaking out about college decisions right now, whether you’re anxiously waiting for that yes or no from your dream school, or just waiting on yourself to figure out which of your current options you should be dreaming about. 518 more words


Memory management

Memory Allocation or Contiguous memory allocation

Main memory usually has two partitions:

 Low Memory — Operating system resides in this memory.

 High Memory — User processes then held in high memory. 556 more words

Operating System

Efficient vs. Effective Distribution of Advice

The recruiting and placement of ability must be improved for effectiveness, not only optimized for efficiency. By solely focusing on optimization past solutions are merely failing faster and faster to recruit and place ability at best-fit. 441 more words


C implementation of Best-Fit memory allocation technique.

Again, the technique is self explanatory , it allocates memory to that block whose size is the nearest equal of the request size. 30 more words