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Chopping Block NYC Seeks to Redefine the Sandwich for New Yorkers

With so many restaurants and stores where you can get sandwiches, New Yorkers already have an idea of what a sandwich should look like, taste, and what should be in it. 340 more words

Best Sandwich In New York

Should You Marry ABC Kitchen?

You may have heard ABC Kitchen has a new chef. You may have heard that’s a bad thing. Yes, the menu has been changed. Yes, not everything is brilliant.

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Best Food In Nyc

Christmas Eve at the 21 Club - A Tale of Salvation---by Snooty Waiter

One year a series of events placed me in a position that did not permit me to have Christmas with my family. I was alone trying to figure out how I can have or be any part of Christmas. 897 more words

Best Food In Nyc

Snooty Waiter Has Landed. Almost Breaks Interwebs

Passion and Pride has secured the highly coveted, unique and sought after services of Snooty Waiter as our resident intrepid NJ Dining expert. We are always in NYC, extolling the virtues of the creme’ de la creme’, but often, we miss many amazing venues in our own backyard. 141 more words


Simply Decadent Sauce from the Boys- Parm

Parm– Let’s get the accolades and lineage out of the way first. Three of their 5 concepts have Michelin stars. Boulud, Carmellini, Ladner and Batali tutored them. 145 more words

Best Food In Nyc

Village Chic, Beats and Sheets of Pasta- Charlie Bird

Charlie Bird : Nightly, consistently, and with beats, The Bird here gets it done. Charlie Parker monikers aside, this is an Italian American joint with hip hop soul, packed nightly in Soho and there are some Double Downs here. 131 more words


April Bloomfield is On the Lamb - The Breslin

The Breslin-  Hipsters get down on this British pub and ode to all things animal, but let’s be clear why your’re here. It’s not the wi-fi, fashion tips from trust fund babies, or nascent college grads, look around at all the other tables, it’s the Lamb Burger people. 80 more words