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Rockstar 2016!

We had a great time this weekend volunteering at the Rockstar Adventure Race. Injuries and family commitments prevented us from participating at the race but didn’t stop us from volunteering. 181 more words

Blister Sister

Happy 18th Birthday, Kitty

Kitty has been with me longer than any human being, including my parents. In 18 years, the longest amount of time we have ever been separated is a time span of 3 nights. 593 more words

It sucks #1

The first post of my series “it sucks”.

Not being people’s “first (choice/friend/whatever really)“. 

It sucks being nobody’s first. It sucks giving your all to someone -not even in a romantic way, but in a friend kind of way- but not having that given back. 451 more words

Warning: emotional post. My best friend is getting married!

I’m sure you can all relate to having friends from school who you all have to this day and you always think they’re the best in the world. 944 more words


It’s that unconditional love we all seek. That love that can not be changed or hinged, tossed to the side and easy to forget about. It’s that feeling that eats you up inside and hits you one day when you realise ‘this is it. 257 more words

Megan Louise Foster-White

Masquerade... Paper Faces On Parade...

It looks like I may be taking a trip to PA this November to visit my best guy friend and spiritual learning partner AND also attend a Witches Masquerade Ball!!! 257 more words

Best Friend