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What do you do when your best friend turns against you for a very strange reason . ..

Hiyyah Everyone

Well this happened to me on Wednesday by my best friend of 8 years and I just can’t deal with it.

I won’t name her because I don’t want to embarrass her. 1,150 more words

Is God Your Best Friend?

I, as a teenage girl, struggle around the clock to maintain close friendships with accountability, to show up to events and keep up with the people around me. 236 more words


Written Letter

You know what
come here
I just want to hold you
I just want to hug you
and say how grateful
I am to you… 109 more words


To My Little Brother💞

From the moment I knew that you were to be born, I was happiest little 3 year old. Knowing I was going to have a baby cousin, someone who could play with me and grow up along side me…let’s just stay my little heart couldn’t handle the joy. 278 more words

About last night

Have you ever had one of those nights, the one where you think back and say to yourself “what the fuck happened last night?”

Well it can all begin anywhere and anyway. 390 more words


Sorry... Not Sorry

As we know a few weeks ago I was in the emergency room. My parents were scared shitless and super concerned about my physical activity. They think I do too much and push myself too hard. 1,260 more words


Who knew the last time I saw you would be the last time I see you? I sure didn’t.. I woudn’t have left so easily. It’s been years since I’ve seen you, and knowing you’re gone makes my heart hurt like I just saw you yesterday. 91 more words