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Best Frieeend 💕

I am literally crying rn.
Soo I had a pretty shitty day and well yeah. I felt like shit and everything. Soo maybe half an hour ago (it was about 23:45 when I write this…) my best friend asked me if my mom was at home, and later she told me to go down stairs, and that there would be a bag on my stairs. 86 more words


First Apartment


Today, was the most adult day of my life. Sure, I have applied and attended college, independently traveled through Europe, and purchased (half) a car, but nothing compares to signing the lease on my very first apartment! 333 more words

Meet Mr E.

So as promised, this is it; you are finally meeting Mr E…. And what a day to do it – the first stage of my divorce papers finally came today! 736 more words


The Sweetest One

The other morning, Vinnie was up before me, off to do a presentation for Thrive with his best friend.

I cleaned up after the kid’s breakfast, and as I collected orange peels in my palms and as I loaded the dishwasher, I thought how very strange it felt, to be home…without him. 489 more words

Oscar - In Memoriam

Yesterday my parents had to put Oscar to sleep. He was with us, but mostly with my parents, for 10 years almost to the day. Recently he was acting ill and during a short exploratory surgery it was found that he had cancerous tumors on his liver that had spread around. 162 more words


“I am my best friend.”
Dwayne Alvin Hearn

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