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On friendship 

Friends are the lifeblood and joy of our lives ..

they are the family that God never gave us

But God put them in our path , for us to find , these unlikely treasures , … 61 more words


Weekend Wrap Up

This lady right here. LOVE HER!

Amanda got to my place a little before midnight, Friday night. Sadly, I didn’t even think about getting pictures that evening. 687 more words

A Friendship Gone Adrift

Our story begins at the very first birthday party that I ever attended. It was a tea party for a girl named Samantha and the dress code was very strict, only the most feminine dresses with matching lace trimmed socks were to be worn. 733 more words

Any Second Chances For Me?

I woke up with this dizzy feeling and not in mood to do things.

I told him things.

I slap my own face every time I remember it.  279 more words

Late Night Thinking

A Day Well Celebrated!

Most of the times, when birthday word comes to our ears, the only thing we can remind of is party and gifts and what not. But yesterday, on May 21, 2017, I analyzed everything thing we by default do and try to change it. 385 more words

yay fun day!

Good days always end too soon. Actually it is only 7:20pm and I consider the day over, for the simple reason that XXX isn’t with me anymore … lol. 990 more words

Loving a Dog

Even fewer puppies than children are planned, wanted, created purposely with the intent of bringing joy into our lives.

But you were, Chester. You were planned and wanted and you brought me great joy. 645 more words