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Sweet Baby Hayes

Hello y’all!

One of my best friends Katy, had a baby boy on June 3rd!  He was welcomed by Katy, her husband Josh, and big brother Eli. 95 more words

that one friend 

Do you have a friend that you can tell every detail of your life to and they just… get it?
Well that’s this lady above. We met second semester our freshman year of college…even though we lived on the same floor, yeah- we still can’t figure that one out. 280 more words


Get over a best friend

The internet is filled with countless tutorials from people who have done something once and feel the need to call themselves an expert in it. From baking, cleaning, putting something together, and everything else in between, you can learn how to do basically anything you can imagine just by adding ‘how to’ onto your google search. 470 more words

Best Friend

“You Can trust Me” by Sophie McKenzie

Livy is attending a party with her husband Will, given by his boss.  Livy’s best friend, Julia, tries to reach her, texts her, and leaves messages, but Livy can’t answer her phone, because she is too busy checking out the woman her husband had a fling with a few years ago.  146 more words

Book Review

Change and Us

Dear A

We never said goodbye. On the last day of college, when everyone kissed each other goodbye, we didn’t do it. Because I was hounded by the vastness of the belongings that I had to pack. 617 more words

Inferences From Life

Day Out

Obligatory outfit pictures. This is the magical mirror which made our pins look twice better. Cross my heart, this is raw. We didn’t “lengthen” our legs with an editor which is a tres popular trend nowadays (heh). 286 more words

Trey Songz Sings At Club Purlieu

Fans were highly pleased on this July 4th when Trey Songz arrived at Club Purlieu in Queens, NY. The original free tickets for the club was of course sold out, but several lucky fans had a chance to see Trey up close and personal. 61 more words

Hip Hop