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My Best Friends Mommy

Dear my Best Friends Mommy,

You don’t know me, as god took you too early, but I wish I was given the chance to meet you. 297 more words



Well, tonight as I was smoking my last cigarette, outside in the windy weather, shaking like someone who has parkinson, old thoughts surface.

Heh, for some reason an image of me watching Naruto on tv, I didn’t have internet at that time, (I think it was somewhere around 2007 or 2008) and after every episode I would text my crush who would also watch it and talk bout how awesome that episode until we both fell asleep. 454 more words

Best Friend

Surreal Experiences

This is just a little bit about my life, kind of:
Most of the time my life is pretty ordinary. College and work not much to it but every once in a while something happens that make me feel happy, well happier. 482 more words

Not Every Friend is Forever

I’ve had many friends come and go, but I believe we all deserve a friend that will stick with you through everything. So thankyou for being my best friend through it all! 292 more words


How a friend gets the best title 

Best friends… They’re hard to come about!

I’ve had a few through my years that I thought where best friends and I was wrong…

The thing is with me… I look out for my friends probably too much… Only because I value them too much… But that means if I get let down by a friend I find it very hard to let them in again! 205 more words

Losing My Mum.

I am what I think you would call an average 22 year old – I love seeing my friends, cinema trips, gorging on amazing food and Netflix binges.  639 more words

Best Friend