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Is My Best Friend Better Than You? 

Hey y’all! I am currently in Bear Lake aka the best place on Earth! But this time my dad’s siblings came along with LAURENNN! Right now we’re laying down with the softest blanket because our toes are freezing. 154 more words

Just Be Happy

My alarm clock pulled me from the most amazing dream yesterday. The dream was so incredible that I just laid in bed for a while thinking it over. 938 more words



Today is one of the best days… EVER! Yes, EVER!


Because it’s the day my very best friend came to being on this earth – a moment that has affected sooo many lives in the most amazing ways. 104 more words


best friends! (and love)

As a harpist, I play for weddings quite often. It’s quite a fun thing to do, being at weddings puts me in a daydreaming state of mind, I find myself thinking about my future wedding will be like … it’s cool to be a wedding musician because you get to meet people from the wedding business, but I think the best thing has to be that you get to know all the best wedding venues in the state. 985 more words

You were swimming in it...

Me and my best friend have the most interesting conversations. In fact, she quite wonders what others think when they overhear us. This time we were discussing our alcohol tolerances and just how they aren’t the same as when we were first 21. 178 more words

Best Friend

Great things

A lot has happened since last time I wrote.

I have become a shift leader at my work which is similar to a assistant manager but not quite. 15 more words

My Life

A Thank You Letter to My Best Friend.

Sometimes, as we walk through life, we meet someone and our souls instantly connect. You are that person for me. From the moment I met you, I knew we were going to be best friends. 736 more words

Best Friend