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Words of Wednesday #3: For My Warrior.

In another life, your heart was mine. To protect it I would lay down my life. Then as now. Though so often it was the other way around, my warrior. 327 more words

Words Of Wednesday

Dear You,

I can’t believe how fast time has fly. You and I have been friends for nearly 7 years. It was only 7 years ago that we were some awkward girls stepping into the life of being a “teenager”. 888 more words


The Tempest

Voices yelling, cards being swiped, food burning, the smell of hot ghee, colourful delicacies,…-he heard, saw or smelled nothing. Nothing, but her short straightened hair, tied into a pony, swaying to left, then right, and back and again, as her head moved, glancing at all the options in the menu. 97 more words

Lessons from ICU. 24. The disappointed love

Soon after I was admitted to the emergency ward, a nurse came in and was shocked to see me in such a condition. After sometime, I came to know that she is a Christian too, and once I was stabilized, as I was talking to my wife, she came to us, and in mock anger, slapped my hand, castigating for coming to the emergency ward in such a perilous situation. 1,159 more words

Christian Life


Happy birthday, sunshine

As long as I live, I will never forget how you came over and introduced yourself on the first day of eleventh grade with the warmest of smiles and I so clearly remember how we got close, you practically dragged me away from that random Commerce chick on the steps, and spent the rest of PE with me just talking for one hour straight.

445 more words

Reason #46

Because I am the worst morning person ever and even when I’m just awful you still greet me in the sweetest, most loving and caring way.   87 more words


To my confidante...

I don’t remember when it began,
Our friendship blossomed like a god’s beautiful plan
Unknowingly, I found a confidante in you,
Months flew by and more closer we grew… 107 more words

Ananya Narain