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I Feel The Weight

Hold onto hope if you got it
Don’t let it go for nobody
They say that dreaming is free
Well I wouldn’t care what it cost me…
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A Letter To My Best Friend & Boy I Like

If you were to tell me 3 years ago that the dorky quiet kid would be so important in my life by the end of high school, I would have never believed you. 2,530 more words

Happy birthday, Abu!

Dear Abu,

A little more than two decades ago, as a young man held his firstborn – a baby girl crying at the top of her lungs – a father was also born. 269 more words


holding on to a ghost

Tuesday. 10:30 pm. The Sapphire nightclub. Ask for Fawn.

I look up from my phone to the clock on the bedroom wall. That leaves four hours of staring at the worn photograph of him, of us, fresh Ranger recruits, smiling, arms draped lazily across shoulders. 366 more words


Part 2

This part 2 of my story about this guy and my best friend. I though i should give some back story… lets call her Fiona… 353 more words

Hey Twinsie ♥

Have you ever taken a moment to stop, sit back, and reflect about life and and the relationships you have.
The people whom you share these relationships with, the friends you see and talk to every day? 591 more words


Dog Mad

What a brilliant day, hundreds of dogs and lots more cuddles. We started the day by getting breakfast from M&S to eat on the train… a pastry each and good bottle of fresh orange juice. 182 more words