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Couples Need Therapy, But So Do Best Friends!

Dear Sam and Amara,

Terapia welcomes you to Couples Therapy. To give you a brief, my company has been around since 2013, and as a therapist, I have helped over 100 couples overcome their differences and rekindle their marriage. 416 more words

Best Friend

17//01//2018 - Exploring, thoughts & mental health.

17//01//2018. – Exploring, thoughts & mental health.

KatieKee for the past month has been nearly completely inactive, this isn’t because I wasn’t sure what to write or I wasn’t happy with the way the blog is being received and how it was being presented. 629 more words

In Love With My Best Friend Part 8

Lily could accept how her friend felt for her, continuing to keep silent on her own feelings. However, she didn’t want to be a coward. What was the point in all this, in everything she had already done if she just gave up? 957 more words


A good friend

Being a good friend is one of the toughest things to be you know!
It’s the shade in which the woodcutter sleeps, the shade of a selfless tree!! 137 more words


Fragile Heart

You scare me. But I’m drawn to you. You make every bone in my body go weak like I could fall apart at your touch. But your touch is what completes me. 130 more words

Strangers (poem)

I saw your picture tonight
I don’t know who you are
Weeks and months have changed you
From the memories going back so far
I can’t remember your voice… 70 more words


Me Vs. My Friend

“Ahh finally getting to read this book” I say to myself as I relax in my comfy armchair. “A rainy morning, a good book and hot chai, nothing could be better…” 89 more words