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Friends with Space

Friendship is not always about being there sometimes it is about letting the other one to be alone. I am blessed to have got such Friends who believe in me, who has faith in my decisions. 351 more words

Best Friend

Oh! Ikea!

This is one of the reasons why you really need to invest in a good bff, if you don’t already have one. J, my best friend of the last 30++ years, is currently very sick (nothing life threatening, no worries there) and I consider she would totally deserve to spend much Me-me-me time. 424 more words


Three Famous Dogs (2016)

1. Lassie.
2. Toto.
3. Snoopy.
For a start-
They just melt our hearts.


would be

to reach the sky.

to reach the stars in the galaxies.

to see a supernova

would be beautiful

to once again have hopeful, sparkly eyes. 15 more words



Demons are a girl’s best friend.

The day after

Gently I served her breakfast on bed.

She wasn’t hungry?

Did I did the dishes yet?

No, the neighborhood was cut off from the water supply because their where man at work outside. 81 more words

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