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Made for an angel...

Today is 25/11/14. Another month has gone and its now exactly 9 months since you took your life. Charlie, I miss you unconditionally and I want you to know that I’m always thinking of you and I will never forget you. 230 more words

Mental Health

I befriended a pigeon!

Just an average college day at lunch. My friends and I decided to take a walk into town. I go to get another box of hair dye then off we went to Subway. 101 more words

Best Friend

Love is no stranger to hate: Part 1

Because he wonders how I can love him and hate him and love another at the same time.

Shortly after his mother found out about us getting back together. 1,255 more words

A description of me through the eyes of my best friend

“You might be in an emotional hole, but you are not defective. Being in constant pain and suffer is horrible but you have to understand the beautiful complexity of your soul. 161 more words


Feeling used

We all have that one friend don’t we? The one where friendships are only important if there is no guy on the scene.
She was my best friend in school and I had no doubts at all that she would be in my life forever. 174 more words


Holiday Shopping Guide: Gifts for Your Best Friend

Shopping for close friends can be exhausting! You start with an extensive list of things you know they would love and then slowly narrow the list down saving the more outrageous and costly gifts for a better time. 83 more words


The txt I won't send

You know I love you right. I really love you. You are the most amazing person I know and I’ve pretty much always had a thing for you but I always told myself it was worng. 325 more words