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We haven’t spoken in over two years and for that I am grateful. Yes, it hurt when people who weren’t in the wrong apologized to me and you simply refused to do so, but I realize now an apology from you wouldn’t make things any better. 329 more words


Siria Stephanie Zelada, Thank U, next

Today you walk across that stage and I am so freaking proud of you. You’re a wonderful mom, a beautiful girlfriend, a smart woman, and one of my closest friends. 222 more words


My Best Friend

The soft dominance of his licking voice is what trained me so to stay so resolute in such a place of despair, as there is where I felt he needed me most to assert his own value, to be known to his own love, and out of love of my own for him I could not go anywhere but stay; Often I saw himself compare me to him, and often I saw the superior glance in his eyes as he solidified his stance as being the better, as knowing he was the better; 414 more words

Creative Writing

A trip back to my childhood

As I was about to walk into the check-in area at Tan Son Nhat airport in Sai Gon, I trembled and put my head down onto the cart carrying our luggage. 1,874 more words


What I've learned about love, from watching those that I love.

Love can be a cup of tea in the morning, made exactly the way you like.
Milky, no sugar, just right.
Almost like the tea bag has barely touched the cup at all. 292 more words


I miss you

I miss my best friend, I miss my soul mate. I miss the one person whom I have always been able to run to when things get crazy. 708 more words