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Sixty years ago next week my mother pulled me up on her lap and told me it was my fifth birthday. I don’t remember much else about the conversation, excepting she also told me I was going to school the next fall. 485 more words



My FRIENDS knock on my door to check me out if I’m still awake. ~ My BESTFRIEND just barges right through and yell, “Jan, I’m home!” 414 more words


There Is No Love Like A Best Friend Kind Of Love

The love between friends can be sparked in a second, a spark that is not based upon perfectly blue eyes or a crooked smile, but on simply laughing at something at the exact same moment or catching each other’s eye and knowing the same thought is running through your heads. 691 more words

The tiger's morning

It is even easier to understand that a different season starts, when Bengal tiger mama is coming, day after day, far too early in the morning above your bed and head to “invite” you both to outside (after tuna time!), sneaking close enough to your ears, and says: “Rightttt meoowww!” accompanied by funny faces like these (made other days, with same “requests”) : 458 more words

Random Talks

Long Distance Friend

Dear Long Distance Friend,

I have heard it a million times that distance kills relationships but now I guess some stupid minions just don’t leave you no matter how long the distance is, no? 602 more words

Best Friends Forever - Day of the Dead

How many times have you said “Best Friends Forever”? Did you really mean it? Show that all love, including friendship, endures beyond the very end. 65 more words