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Do you have a pet? This is our dog, Blackjack. He is very old — 15 years, I think! But he can still pull us across the street when he sees a squirrel to chase! 33 more words



A week has gone by and we are happy to say that we survived #aydiosfrio18. I will admit though, the weather was beautiful. My Mom said she wasn’t going to take me out because it was too cold and my sweater was not thick enough. 260 more words


A lot of people tend to connect the word soulmate solely with the person they consider to be their significant other. Although this is true because yes, having a significant other is not only falling in love with that person but falling in love with their soul & having a connection to it – a soulmate can also involve those people you spend most of your time with that your soul also has a strong connection with. 1,315 more words

Date #6: Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

Date #6: Lakers Game + Yard House

OH GOD. Where do I even start with date 6. My only clues from Vig on this one were that he’s rich and a soccer player. 1,113 more words


The Devil in Swimmer Form

The end of my junior year of college was a huge turning point for me. I thought I had finally made friends. I was talking to my now ex-girlfriend, Emily Jo, at the time. 1,022 more words

Best Of Lauren