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Y Tu Mamá También

And, “We’re all going to die!!!”

When Y Tu Mamá También made its theatrical release in the United States, I was in high school and belatedly getting my driver’s permit several months after my 16th birthday. 902 more words


Stupid Sunday

The weekend is finally over, and I never say finally for that. It was one hectic weekend. Family visited for the weekend, put a lease down for a house for next year already, went out and didn’t come home with everyone, ate some pizza and woke up this morning not regretting one single thing. 331 more words


Fourth Day Tripping Through Montreal

I thought I’d change up the title a bit. Time for the last full day in Montreal — Olympic Park, adventures in souvenir shopping, Jardins de Lumiere, and I go to mass for the first time in years — *insert shocked emoji* 952 more words


Rhodes to Rome - Day 24

Rhodes has definitely been one of my favorite islands thus far. Each of the islands that we have been to have been just really cool and while all very ‘Greek’ they are all a little different. 382 more words

Best Friends

When I was younger, I was never really good at making friends. The kids at school were boring and unimaginative. Playing with Barbies consisted of “Ooh why I love your dress, let’s comb your hair.” Girls were mind numbingly dull. 212 more words

Adventures Of Old Red Socks


ive always wanted a (stereotypical) male best friend.

yesterday morning, while at work, i received a message from one of my friends from school saying he had bad news. 576 more words


Solid Foundation

I distinctly remember childhood as a pleasant time. I grew up in a small town in the Pennsylvania Mountains where everyone knew your name. Of course, it was a blessing and a curse because IF I had wanted to get into a little mischief, my parents would have been told and a punishment planned before I ever got home. 1,137 more words

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