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Nasty Woman, Speak Up!

Today, I politely but firmly took on a woman on our neighborhood Nextdoor site. She was repeating the Trump/Fox News argument that because a small number of undocumented immigrants have committed violent crimes, then we need to keep them ALL out. 364 more words


A Little About My Best Friend || Happy Birthday, Harley! || KrystiEncounters

This is Harley.  She’s probably my bestest, best friend.  She’s also the baby of the group, being Lauren and my birthdays are in January.  Today she turns 23 and next month, Lauren and I turn 24! 166 more words

Personal Sneak Peak

My Bucket List

  1. See a Broadway Play.
  2. See the Northern Lights.
  3. Go to a Spa Retreat with My Best Friend.
  4. Go on a Cruise.
  5. Have a Marriage More Beautiful than My Wedding.
  6. 1,634 more words

Honoring our Seniors

As a way to celebrate our team and appreciate our seniors, we hold a banquet usually in the spring towards the end of the year. Each year I have been here, it has been held in different places. 387 more words

"Puff and Muff" the portrait of two Best Friends watercolor and poem by D. R. Hubbell

When Synchronicity Went for Walks

Puff remembered the old man to Muff:

We said, “So long!” and “Viva la France!” to the old man those last days of May… 87 more words


13.5 - 15

(Gonna be slightly back tracking here, maybe overlapping with the previous post because I don’t plan shit out very well – also still gushing about my besties) 830 more words