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Magic in Manhattan


Can you feel it?
In every breath
That exhales into laughter
Like fairy dust, it’s just as rare.

Can you feel it? 233 more words


Vegas Vagabonds

Gambling with our lives as the price
And rolling in money made from rolling dice
Swimming with our eyes blown wide
And wincing at the sting of the incoming tide… 105 more words

Rituals are Comforting

My kitties love ritual.  They have rituals for when I awake, ones when they know the sunbeams in the house are in certain rooms, ones to roust me from work in the afternoon for a brief playtime… and then there is bedtime.  159 more words


Scene: "Best-friend bonfire."


In a dark living room with just the fireplace lighting up the room, two best friends sit on their sleeping bags, drinking hot chocolate. 1,341 more words


Best Friends- K, K, B

My second set of Best Friends and these gals are dancers! Not just any sort of dancers, they take things to the extreme. They brought their pointe shoes to our session- so fun paired with jeans! 63 more words

Rochester NY

An Open Letter To My Best Girlfriends Who Healed My Broken Heart

A full year has passed since the heartbreaking end of my four-year relationship. And, although I’m proud to say I have made it through the worst part of my grieving, I still have days where I question my worth. 951 more words

Best Friends

I dedicate this blog post to all of my closest friends, you know who you all are.

The true meaning of friendship is quite simple.  It’s  422 more words