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There are many people in my life that mean a lot.  There is one that lifts me up a million times a day and would lift me up a million more if there were enough seconds in the day.  133 more words


10 Couples That Were Friends First Describe How They Knew There Was Something More There

1. “We had actually ‘dated’ in elementary school then the summer came and I think we just both sort of forgot. Then my family moved across town and we went to different middle schools. 1,687 more words

A Toast (& Treat) For My Oldest Friend

“That girl’s from Europe.”

A new hire is touring the newsroom of “The Daytona Beach Morning Journal,” and the resident grump/lecherous city hall reporter has honed his sights on her. 698 more words


The lost keys

Shay stopped walking abruptly in front of a dusty storefront about halfway down the block. The faded blood-red awning read “Hazel’s Antiques and Oddities” in peeling letters. 1,451 more words

Creative Writing

Day 2.263 - BESTIES!

Thanks to conflicting schedules, I haven’t seen my nephew in a couple of weeks; we’re both pretty excited to be hanging out together tonight.


Hazel got a job then dyed her hair

On my way home from work, bumbling along the Northern Line, I found myself staring at the girl opposite me and I just started thinking about how shit her necklace is. 516 more words


The new beginning

For years and years, I have had only one dream. The dream of finding someone who has the charm to look into my soul, read my mind even when I don’t say anything, love me like there’s no tomorrow. 186 more words