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Semi Precious Crystal Quartz

the more you travel the less, i realise, i know of you
in budapest you wore sunglasses (probably)
and it’s likelier than the likelihood of rain tonight that… 84 more words

Prose Poetry

Meeting for the first time by dvjones

My Weimaraner bitch meeting the new filly for the first time. They hit it off immediately.

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17 Years in The Making

Sorry about not posting last Thursday, I have been on vacation for a whole week with family. Little by little, I would sip my coffee and write more and more. 1,237 more words


Hello there internet friends.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here, my apologies.

My world was flipped on its head and I’ve been trying to keep up. 175 more words

Dear Roommate

To my sophomore roommate,
I can still remember receiving your Facebook message telling me that you had been assigned to my single.  Our conversations following gave me hope that you were actual normal but I still had doubt from your “LMFAO” and the way YOU WROTE EVERYTHING IN CAPS (which I have come to love and have adopted as my own texting style as well).   521 more words


Best Friends!

I am sure we all have a best friend we can talk to that makes our problems their problems. Isn’t that the definition of best friend? 45 more words



One of my best friends moved to Australia.

I will miss her face, so much. We probably won’t see each other for another year or two. 113 more words