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Day 41, day of days.

I’ve got a head full of broken glass, a million things I want to write about, a day to be remembered forever… I have no idea where to start as I know it’ll all just splurgh onto the page, making no sense to anyone, anyone except me…..and her. 286 more words

5-Minute Session: Sophie + Jenna

These two have been friends for foreverĀ and were even voted “Best Girl Friends” in high school. Since then, the two have stayed close throughout college and are on their way to real world living post-graduation. 40 more words


A Rambling Mess About Flaws.

Self esteem. A small set of words with a major meaning behind them.
Let me start this post with explaining, I’m going to ramble, a lot. 1,009 more words


10 Signs You're Friends With a Yachtie

After working on yachts, certain things become so normal that we forget how odd it might come across to ourĀ land friends. We asked our non-yachtie friends what it’s like to be friends with us, and they had some pretty hilarious observations to share. 321 more words

Yacht Crew