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Faizan. One thing:we stick together. Met him in Pakturk,6th grade,shy,anti-social,hardly said a word,then we talked. Our lives changed.I got to know him.He was the guy.We are friends from the last 6 years and no one had ever been successful to separate us.In the last 6 years , we  have never fought,never argued,never deceived.He had no quality that could make us fight.Many had tried to separate us and all have failed.Many of my friends have tried to stab me in the back but Faizan is never an option.The most funniest guy I know.We could talk for hours and hours.He is the reason I write this blog. 202 more words



Simply the best a friend can get

I have known him my whole life and we have had great fun.He is my elder cousin.He is my crime partner.whatever we do we do it together.i can always count on him.we both have each others back.Living with him has been amazing.Spending days together.Never denies.Never disagrees.Active and ready to wander with me.Living the life to extreme.Fun to talk to.Understands your problems and takes it as his own.Never leaves you in hard times.I can always count on him.I  can share many of my secrets with him and some of them ONLY with him. 136 more words



A girl from outer space,
A girl from other universe,
A girl from other planet.

A girl who will never leaves your side,
A girl who loves to learn more about Japan, 90 more words

Best Friends


Mystery that cannot be solve
Mystery that cannot be judge
Mystery that cannot be flanked

Secrets that will last forever
Secrets that will freak you out… 71 more words

Best Friends

October 20 2016

“Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.” -Thomas Huxley

I definitely haven’t fulfilled the challenge for this week, which is to learn something new, like read a new book or something.

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Ulang Tahun, Ulang Ingatan

Diingat adalah salah satu hal yang menyenangkan. Bagi kebanyakan orang, diingat menjadi bukti kamu ditempatkan spesial. Terserah, sebagai apa, dalam konteks apa. Intinya, kamu mendapat ruang di bagian ‘sebelah sini’ seseorang. 286 more words

Story Of Me

Double Doozie

Seeing me twice a day on two separate occasions.

Surprising me after running a busy night shift.

Bringing me up from being robbed of my dreams. 124 more words