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New job and My First Groom

I am so happy! I can finally say I am a dog groomer. I recently finished college where I studied animal care, and one of the areas I became interested in was dog grooming. 311 more words


The Worlds Best Job: This Woman Hugs Pandas And Is Paid $32,000

How would you like to get 32,000 USD for taking care of pandas all day? It sounds too good to be true, but panda caretaker is a real job in China, at the Giant Panda Protection and Research Center. 78 more words


The Best Place to Work: Google and their Office in Zurich

Well actually, not anymore – Google is now ranked ‘only’ 4th by Fortune (it was 1st in 2008). Anyway,we still thinks it’s worth taking a little virtual tour through their office in Zurich. 17 more words


Flying DONTS ✖️✖️

As you all know, I love my job! It is fairly easy even with the long hours, time changes, being away from home, and dealing with the public. 561 more words

Flight Attendant Life

Life Of A Flight Attendant

What it’s really like to be a flight attendant:
•You will have report times at 4:30am

•You will have 3+hour delays

•You will get rerouted numerous times… 126 more words

Flight Attendant Life

Mom-Hood: What Every Executive Wishes They Could Do

I was chatting online today with a new mom.  She’s lacking sleep, her baby was fussing in the wee hours…for hours.  I remember myself feeling exhausted, discouraged, frustrated, thinking I just don’t have what it takes.  1,884 more words


Discussion | Why We Love Being Nannies

Being a nanny is such an amazing and also unusual job, one that draws you into people’s private family lives. You are entrusted to care for a child or children who are the most precious and beloved individuals in their parent’s lives. 1,301 more words