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The Solitude of Being a Stay-At-Home Dad

My Fortress of Solitude is a two-story home on a dead end street. Sorry, “no outlet” street for the pc police. I enjoy my children. I enjoy what I do as a stay-at-home dad. 668 more words



Despite things being quiet on the blog front, one word continues to replay in my head (and apparently same goes for Nellie).

It’s quite possible I’ve said this once or twice already (surely this won’t be the last), but… 158 more words

Modern Dogs

Best Job

I haven’t posted about work in a while, and partly it’s because as with any job it becomes routine and potentially boring to read about.  But there are days, like with any job, that remind you why you do what you do.   838 more words


School, School, & MORE freaking School

I am truly happy that we have chosen to homeschool. HOWEVER, I don’t like homeschooling 2 kids while I’m also in school. I feel as though my life is full of school nothing else. 530 more words


Should You Pay More to Starter Employees?

Billions of people on the planet attempt to work hard, and the vast majority are grossly underpaid in comparison to those cushy CEO jobs that don’t require much heavy lifting. 193 more words

Best Job

Prompt 25

Oh, hey. A prompt. Would you look at that. It’s kind of hard to get these up with my day job schedule being the way it is. 71 more words


#R2 Don’t quit your job!

I love my job.

I wish to continue on my last post. So, I used to work at this oilfield related company. I decided to quit my job for a better life with my girlfriend. 710 more words