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Language of Love

How do you like your love?
Tied up at the bedposts with silk ties, caressed by
Leather and feathers.
Stirred up in a caramel cup with a swirl of vanilla. 90 more words

fallowed ground

It will break the
Fallow of your ground
For a heart that has sought
It will soon be found

It will tear down
Your wall of pride… 118 more words

Dating Relationships


She sneaks into my room at night;
from the darkness, she just appears.
I feel her warmth upon my skin;
I hear her breathing in my ear. 58 more words

Beautiful Poetry


so easily bruised
that gossamer skin;
an eggshell of defenseless love where memories swim
in yellow light that once was blue.

so easy to choose, 50 more words

Beautiful Poetry


A reliable source told me that the secret was kept
in the saddle bag of a horse that galloped to where she slept
on a bed of white, curled safe against the cold; her dark hair gracing a pillow white as snow. 107 more words

Beautiful Poetry

on a lover's cross

my last night on calvary, he whispered as he closed his eyes.
only stars in a tear filled sky, an angel by his side.
sleep now, prince, the angel pled, and fold your love in linen white; 142 more words

Love Poems


it’s just almost there

we almost make it

if you don’t give up

we almost through it

i almost change

you almost accept

if you just let it happen… 18 more words