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The Moonlight travels to the earth

To kiss your soft cheeks and be felt by you

Red roses become wet and more red

when they get close and kissed by you… 117 more words


I'm sorry, my love. (Komal)

My girl, my baby
The love of my life
I’ll be your best hubby
and you’ll be my perfect wife

I beg your pardon
for the things I have done… 143 more words

Best Love Poems


She’s not pretty. She’s beautiful.
She’s got a faraway look in her eye
that tells the story of a pale green moon that rises
over shadowy plains and darkened canyons . 48 more words

Love Poems

All I Need

I’m not asking you to meet everyday
I could try & bare
When you are away
All I need is just some care

All I need is not to feel so much alone… 391 more words



I didn’t write this script.
I was running with scissors and I tripped
and I guess I cut out the last scene;
the one where the boy gets the girl and the whole world rejoices… 78 more words

Beautiful Poetry

Language of Love

How do you like your love?
Tied up at the bedposts with silk ties, caressed by
Leather and feathers.
Stirred up in a caramel cup with a swirl of vanilla. 90 more words

Valentines Day

fallowed ground

Love will break the
Fallow of your ground
For a heart that does seek
It will soon be found

It will tear down
Your wall of pride… 119 more words

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