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The best mascara in the whole world. No exaggeration.

Hello there!

A fair few people have pointed out my eyelashes or asked if they’re false. They’re not false or that naturally long, I just have the best mascara! 122 more words


My favorite Mascara... and I have tried a lot!

I have tried expensive – and I have tried cheap.  The old stand by has always been the Green and Pink Great Lash by Maybelline.   … 132 more words

Products I Like

It Cosmetics "Hello Lashes" Mascara Review

Hey guys!

So I wanted to definately give a shout out and review on this mascara that is my current favorite. I have to give thanks to my mom who gave me not only 1 but 2!! 345 more words


You are worth it

Good products are worth paying for. But what I found with Younique’s 3D mascara is that it was a less expensive, but high quality alternative to false lashes or extensions. 133 more words

The Simple (& Affordable) Way to get Amazing Lashes! [Pics]

Every Girl Wants Dramatic Lashes

We all know dramatic lashes can completely transform your look.  But there’s only one problem – quality lashes extensions are really expensive! 260 more words



HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM SEPHORA! Each year Sephora pampers their Beauty Insiders with an amazing free birthday gift. This year they did not disappoint and for the birthdays earlier in the year, you get a choice between three fantastic options. 309 more words


My Top 5 Mascaras

I’ve been putting this moment off for awhile now. Not sure why, just kind of dreaded coming back, which is weird considering I just started this journey. 359 more words