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Sunray at Seventy

Sunray should be seeing the big seven-oh, his seventieth birthday, at the end of this month.

Task for this weekend, besides having the commuter’s lie-in and do my laundry (living out of a suitcase precludes having a huge pile of dirty laundry to do) is to buy Sunray a birthday card and a present. 215 more words


Advice for those intending to commute in the UK

Well, I’m back in Blighty, albeit for not too long if I can help it.  I’d forgotten how poor the British infrastructure is.  My tips for being a commuter travelling into London. 268 more words

Ex-pat Life

A cathartic experience

“I’ve got underpants older than you,” a former manager of mine used to write in almost every one of his team members’ birthday cards.  Ho ho ho.  129 more words

Ex-pat Life

It's just a postbox

The residents of the Falkland Islands nickname British service personnel the “whenis” because the members of HM Forces are prone to start many a sentence with, “When I (was in…)”. 356 more words

Best Of British

Review: "Best of British #12 - The County Park", Ravensburger, 10/10

Publisher: Ravensburger (Germany), published Feb 2015

Title:  “Best of British #12: The County Park”, Artist: Geoff Tristram, 1000 pieces 


I love the “Best of British” series because they’re both humorous cartoon puzzles and British/Anglophile puzzles at once. 441 more words


Life in the East End of London

Documentary footage from the 1930’s of life in East End London….viewer discretion advised.


Mind Your Language

How about some good, old-fashioned, casual, English racism.