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Keep calm and carry on

This British WWII poster was very popular about ten years ago.

Now this is what I call the personification of calmness.  Praise be Guy Goma! 7 more words

Best Of British

A first time for everything

This week I visited K in hospice.  It’s the first time I’ve ever been to a hospice, although at my age (late 40’s) I have visited dying people at home.  689 more words

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Machmallauter: Under Your Thumb

Godley and Creme (formerly members of 10CC) wrote a haunting ballad in 1981.  Some hits become golden oldies within days, eg Come on Eileen, … 30 more words

Best Of British

The Panache of Postboxes

Oz, a character in the hit 1980s comedy drama, Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, once observed that:

These German bricks lack the panache of British bricks.

209 more words
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Machmallauter! Eurovision

The Eurovision Song Contest is on TV this Saturday.  I’ll be cleaning my toenails… alphabetising my CD collection… just unavailable for TV watching.

As far as I’m concerned, Eurovision went downhill after… 49 more words

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Look after your local redheads!

Here’s a public safety picture I saw today, courtesy of Bullshire Police.  Please care about your local redheads in this heatwave in Germany and Northern Europe! 7 more words

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W H Smug

WH Smug is the nickname of a chain of shops in the United Kingdom.

In general it’s a good shop, selling everything from paperclips to bars of chocolate to paperbacks. 207 more words

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