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Best in Economics this week: August 28

Cool game: can you beat the market? I managed to do it (with luck, of course)


Cool overview: what are central banks supposed to do according to the general public… 368 more words

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Press Release - Chancellor

Autonomous Alexandrian Pan-Orthodox Christian Church

Metropolis of North America

Office of Communications

Appointment of Chancellor for Metropolis of North AmericaMetropolitan Nikodemos announcement… 102 more words

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Did Josh Earnest Just Cold-Shoulder Hillary Clinton for Joe Biden?

Speaking of politically adept responses, did press secretary Josh Earnest, just say to a room full of political wonks that Joe Biden was the smartest decision Barack Obama ever made in politics? 157 more words

Barry's Kids

Huma: The ‘Babe’ Strikes Back

In 2007, when Harper’s went public with rumors of an alleged lesbian affair between Hillary Clinton and her “body man” Huma Abedin, the MSM was quick to slough it off as an extension of the vast right wing conspiracy that lives in Hillary’s frontal lobes. 419 more words

Hillary Clinton

Best in Economics this week: August 21

And here is some reading on the disinflation in the Eurozone: conventional monetary policy has not helped


There is a big study by McKinsey on the Internet of Things… 353 more words

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Eat your savings!

I’m like obsessed with everything the Japanese do!

Like these Face Banks which eat your coins. Not kidding people! They like literally eat your coins. 14 more words

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Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

My, my, the next two or three weeks will be busy.

Tick, tock.

Team Kimberlin