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"Manchester by the Sea" by the Wayside

Have you ever walked out of a movie feeling lost and grumpy like Grandpa Simpson? It’s just me, isn’t it?

After all the critical fuss over the Oscar-nominated… 1,342 more words


"I never met anyone that got away with anything, ever." | Hell or High Water

Hell or High Water is a story about two brothers that decide to rob a series of banks in order to pay off the ample amount of debt they inherited when their mother passed away. 661 more words

Manchester By the Sea | Movie Review

The best pieces of writing are those which consist of characters which are tumultuous, unpredictable and complex. As a reader, you like to be surprised more than you may care to realize. 733 more words


Oscar Bait - Arrival / Hidden Figures

Last year I made sure to see as many films that had a sniff of Oscar about them in order to cover myself for whichever… 628 more words

In Progress


I’ve seen Ordinary People twice before, but I wanted to get back to it again after the passing of Mary Tyler Moore. Her atypical role as an uncaring mother here is unexpected and unforgettable, but it’s also just one part of an incredible film. 1,115 more words


On This Year's Best Picture Nominees (and why they all connected with me on a personal level)

This post is not to talk about which is the best of this year’s Best Picture nominees; rather, this is to personally appreciate how these films has touched me on a personal level. 1,690 more words