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📝 Good-Bye

👤 Wilfrid Scawen Blunt

Fools! must we ever quarrel with our fate,
Too late
Reading the worth of what we did despise,
And wise… 74 more words


Rose-Mary Of The Angels

📝 Rose-Mary Of The Angels

👤 Adelaide Crapsey

Little Sister Rose-Marie,
Will thy feet as willing-light
Run through Paradise, I wonder,
As they run the blue skies under, 42 more words


10 of the Best Poems about Music

The greatest poems about music and singing

Music and poetry were once natural bedfellows, with many ‘poems’ being sung to music for entertainment at feasts and royal courts, or in local taverns. 736 more words


A Red Flower

📝 A Red Flower

👤 Claude McKay

Your lips are like a southern lily red,
Wet with the soft rain-kisses of the night,
In which the brown bee buries deep its head, 133 more words


10 of the Best Nature Poems Everyone Should Read

The best English poems about nature

Nature is one of the great themes of poetry, and also provides poets with a storehouse of vivid and useful images. 699 more words


10 of the Best Poems about Secrets

The greatest poems about keeping things hidden

Great poetry should not be a secret, although there is something nice about serendipitously stumbling upon a hidden gem of a poem. 806 more words