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Ein Karem
John’s birthplace
The city of Juda
7.5km south-west of Jerusalem

Ein Karem: Home of John the Baptist and Place of the Visitation…

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Χωρίς κατηγορία

On the verge of tears

I try to put my thoughts in order.

The buckets of thoughts too messy

to put in the box of oblivion.

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Personal Poems

Parabatai by BlueFire

Take one step closer,
Touch your skin.
Share a glance,
Rush of pain.

Can’t breathe without your wonderous touch,
To not see your face would be far too much. 59 more words

Best Poems

Forevermore by Z.A.L Storm

Down the path that I had followed,
I knew the white one awaited tomorrow.
To find and seek answers true,
And emerge to a life anew. 89 more words

Best Poems

Listen to the Words Unspoken

Maybe if they listened
To the words that go unspoken
Then they would see
That we are all broken

Maybe if they looked
Into the eyes that hold no warmth… 191 more words

Best Poems