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Mountain Winter by Melanie Anne

And that mountain upon winter,
Holds winds chillier than any other,
Holds the magic of snow that nips at the atmosphere,
That makes white glitter up on those tall ridges of that mountain. 127 more words

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Heightened Talk on Verity La

Proud to be part of the Verity La family. Here’s an invitation to send your best poems to Verity La‘s Heightened Talk. Come one, come all, I say.

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Upon the White by Z.A.L Storm

Another day in this world of dark and light
I find myself wondering of this fight.
Of everyday struggles to and fro
What could be such meaning of this toll? 68 more words

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Humming Dreams by Zahidarizvi

With decorated kohl eyes I stand staring from the tower in to the glazing sea
Desiring to sing to the night’s melody
Melting in to thin air with my humming dreams… 75 more words

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The Creature

It just kinda stood there.
Rain stormed at it, but it just stood there.
Its long arms dangled down,
Almost to the point of touching the ground. 65 more words

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Unfathomable by Kate

At this time, the heavens
are exclusively serene.
This featured sphere
continues to spin flawlessly.
Waters journey at a
distinctive tempo, per decree.
The stars are positioned… 203 more words

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10 of the Best Emily Dickinson Poems Everyone Should Read

The best poems of Emily Dickinson

Reducing Emily Dickinson’s 1,700+ poems to a list of the ten greatest poems she wrote is not an easy task and is, perhaps, a foolhardy one. 726 more words