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There’s more than one way to address a behavior

It turns out preschool boys are full of energy and can team up together to create an environment that feels chaotic and out of control. One preschool program that I often visit has entered a challenging phase, where the boys seemingly run the room. 522 more words

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Don’t be sorry, be a problem solver!

Sorry is just a word. I feel that people use this word way too often—so much that it has lost meaning. People use it as a quick fix, … 514 more words

Early Childhood

Assuming children are friends does not teach them social skills.

Many times I hear adults who work with children referring to a group of peers as friends. For example when two children start fighting over a toy, I often hear, “Be nice to your friend,” or “Your friend wants a turn.” What is a friend? 478 more words

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Appraisal of a piece of non-research evidence (website)

I have reviewed a piece of non-research evidence, in the form of a website http://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases_conditions/stroke/hic_Eating_Well_After_a_Stroke

According to Sackett et al’s (1997) hierarchy of evidence, grey literature such as this is shouldn’t usually be the first source you turn to for evidence since there are other sources which are more reliable, for example because they have been peer-reviewed. 520 more words

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Autumn update

We’ve had a busy few weeks so please take the time to read the updates below:

Prevent Duty support

Mock Inspection

Robert Powell Training

Mental Health Awareness training opportunities… 1,166 more words

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Where do I look for evidence to use in my Evidence Based Practice?

Searching for the evidence

Lots of different information sources are available to OTs when they are searching for evidence to guide their Evidence Based Practice. The different types each have different levels of usefulness related to patient care. 568 more words

Occupational Therapy

How to embrace teachable moments

One of my favorite things to observe is when a child care provider takes an opportunity to make a meaningful learning experience out of something unexpected. 496 more words

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