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Five Steps to End a Temper Tantrum

Temper tantrums can be difficult to deal with for everyone involved. Many times children are told to “Stop crying,” or “You’re okay,” when they are… 545 more words

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What if a boy wants to play with a doll?

Recently I attended a training that touched upon gender roles and expectations in early childhood education. Even though this discussion was brief, it provoked a lot of personal reflection for me. 724 more words

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File formats and Titles

The RGU external and internal site has some standard file types and naming conventions we should use on FarCry/Sharepoint for all our documents, thought this may be good as a little reminder. 336 more words

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New law for Web Accessibility - a reminder

Following on from my ‘don’t ever use click here’ email a few months ago, I thought it may be useful to regularly share some of my tips for web content. 311 more words

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Avoiding 'Click Here' and other great articles

We in the central web team are nearly always going on about avoiding using directional instructions on the web, but we’re still seeing the occasional one pop up on the site. 138 more words

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