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Social Media and Email Marketing - How To Leverage Them

Want to know how to grow your email list?

Are you using social media to support your email list growth?

If you’re thinking of marketing tactics such as email and social media as two separate entities, you’re missing out on a lot of benefits. 2,035 more words


Marketing Is Like The Hunger Games (Now With Pictures!)

Marketing is like WHAT? Oh yeah, we said it. Let’s not waste time, because in The Hunger Games and marketing alike, time is a limited resource. 687 more words


One Way to Please the Boss (& the Boss’s Boss): Crafting Highly Effective Executive Briefs

Author: James Drake (Senior Researcher)

A quick peek behind the curtain at the Best Practices Research Center and a Most Interesting Case that recently landed on my desk. 620 more words


What is the importance of Bill of Materials?

Bill of Materials (BoM) is the list of all items required to manufacture a product. It includes all raw materials, consumables, packing materials with clear consumption details to manufacture 1 product. 171 more words

Lean Maufacturing

The Next Generation of Mortgage Loan Officers – Part 4 of 4

This is the last in my four part series about the Next Generation of Mortgage Loan Officers. It’s been based on four Millennials recently hired on as mortgage originators at Wright-Patt Credit Union in our efforts to start building that next generation. 741 more words

Best Practices

Best Practices: Store Media Files on Pages, Not in Files

The Best Practices series focuses on what instructors and students can do to effectively use Canvas. You’re welcome to contact Courseware Support at canvas@pobox.upenn.edu if you have any questions about best practices. 348 more words

Best Practices

Why Maintenance is a Critical function of an organization?

For a manufacturing organization, the people and its machines are the critical assets. Maintenance function is required to produce the product of desired quality. Also the maintenance function ensures that all the machines and equipment related to the production and other key functions in the organization are maintained and function properly. 83 more words

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