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Human Resources Tools - Best Practices in Employee Recognition

After serving in the Marine Corps, Christopher Michael Throgmorton gained experience in human resources working with the California Highway Patrol. Chris Throgmorton was frequently involved with officer training and served as public information officer; his professional interest in management extends into his civilian life as he pursues a career in human resources and management. 152 more words

Chris Throgmorton

Our first book: Educational Exploits

This is merely a shameless promotional piece for the book Mike Kaufman and I put together. It is a handy-dandy collection of lesson ideas, tech tips, and first-days-of-school/last-days-of-the-year strategies. 48 more words

The artist is present

Case written and delivered by Esther Toledano

This performance that Marina Abramovic create in which she sits steady and look an unknown person in the eye for certain time, for me express the need of connection with the world around us, and with the world on us. 367 more words

Best Practices

Five Car Stud

Case written and delivered by Stine Yvonn Pedersen Åsli

The installation was made by Edward Kienholz from 1969-1972, and is a part of a collection of artworks by Edward Kienholz and Nancy Reddin Kienholz from 1959 to 1994.The exhibition was made to raise awareness about racism and racial violence in America during the 60’s. 259 more words

Best Practices


Case written and delivered by Rebecca  Strand

What is augmented reality? It is a new technology that will show you either an indirect view or live direct view of something that could be or is a real-world environment. 407 more words

Best Practices

This is a Football

Legendary football coach Vince Lombardi was famous for many things. He is known for telling his players, both seasoned veterans and new recruits, “This is a football” as he held  one up in front of them. 477 more words

Best Practices