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Seeing Our Work in Context

Context is important for both people and organizations.

None of us are allowed to move forever through the universe with a myopic vantage point. 210 more words

Best Practices

Simplifying Classroom Observations

Last week I was having a conversation with my principal. We were talking about the idea of teachers getting out of their silos and sharing best practices with each other. 280 more words

HTML - We've Been Totally Lied To

There’s this Thanksgiving episode of that old show WKRP in Cincinnati where Les and Mr. Carlson decide to promote the station by freeing a bunch of turkeys by setting them loose from a helicopter over the city. 442 more words

Inspect Before You Connect: Episode 8 - Understanding Fiber Cleaning Solvents

https://www.viavisolutions.com/inspect – This episode dives deeper into fiber cleaning techniques with a closer look at fiber cleaning solvents. Tyler and Brian discuss different solvent that should (and should not) be used, and when to use them. 7 more words


Remove American Flag

When she opened a new restaurant, she wanted to add something special and put a small American flag in her window. Wonderful, right? Nah, the condo board in the building said you have to take it down. 757 more words


How to read a technical blog

There are thousands, tens of thousands, probably hundreds of thousands of blogs out there on all sorts of topics. If you do a search on a subject you are likely to get back multiple (if not large multiples) of responses and it can be hard to know what advice is good advice and what advice is .. 681 more words

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Servant Leadership in Action

When people ask Ken Blanchard what he wants his legacy to be, he is quick to answer, “Servant leadership.”

That surprises some people who might expect him to point to his company’s flagship leadership program, Situational Leadership® II, or his best-selling business book, … 1,582 more words

Best Practices