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Entitlement is just not for Breakfast anymore.

⭐Entitlement⭐ The word most associated with…
Why do we keeping associating the word Entitlement with the Millennial Generation…..well there are reasons but that is a whole different conversation. 24 more words


Meditation Pact

My best friend Riley and I agreed to meditate every day for the next 10 days.

I got up early this morning for the first day – it’s starting to be winter in Nairobi so I was snug in warm clothes when I did my 10 minutes on the balcony. 38 more words

Life Updates

Dependency on External Variables

You want to know how to best handle dependencies on external variables.

In general, the code inside a type should not reference any external variables. 213 more words


Pollinator Week with Bee Downtown

Happy National Pollinator Week!

June 18 – 24 is a time we celebrate the tiny animals that help plants make love.
*Cue Marvin Gaye*

There’s a reason that uncomfortable talk with your parents is called “the birds and the bees.” These animals play a crucial role in plant fertilization. 1,036 more words


Scanning, Scrapbooks, Stitching

I recently worked with a client who has enjoyed creating scrapbooks for years. She continues to make scrapbooks in this digital age. How can digitization supplement and support such efforts?  823 more words

Best Practices

3ie: Improve power calculations with a pilot

3ie wrote on June 11 about why you may need a pilot study to improve power calculations:

  1. Low uptake: “Pilot studies help to validate the expected uptake of interventions, and thus enable correct calculation of sample size while demonstrating the viability of the proposed intervention.”
  2. 236 more words

Member Names from Common Interfaces

You want to know how to name type members that could potentially share their name with common .NET interfaces.

Don’t use names from common .NET interfaces when your method or property doesn’t implement that interface. 7 more words