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Lauren Conrad Doesn't Mind that Son Liam Said 'Dada' First: 'I Deserve It - He's Stubborn, Like I Am!'

Now that her son is getting older, Lauren Conrad is looking forward to creating her own family holiday traditions!

With their second Christmas as a family of three around the corner, the former reality star, 32, is opening up about how she and husband… 775 more words


In addition to TAR, CAR Can Dramatically Reduce Attorney Review Costs

eDiscovery efforts are often costly, time consuming and burdensome. The volume of Electronically Stored Information is growing exponentially and will only continue to do so. Even with the advent of technology assisted review (TAR), the costs associated with collecting, processing, reviewing, and producing documents in litigation are the source of considerable pain for litigants. 637 more words

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Why you should delete code every sprint

Codebases and resource usage grow by accretion – we tack on new features, expand code to support new requirements and run scenario tests. Every now and then, we pay off some tech debt (if we’re lucky).  383 more words

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Cognitive Complexity

At a recent PLC meeting of the Humanities teachers at my school, we were spending some time digging into the concept of Cognitive Complexity vs. that of Difficulty. 838 more words


Competitive Edge: Using Gamification as Motivation


Welcome back our two-part mini-series on gamification. Gamification is a big topic in the training and eLearning industry. It means, as its name suggests, the application of elements typically found in playing a game to a non-game situation –like work. 610 more words

Salesforce: Trust is the Key Value for Tech Companies

Speaking to Jim Cramer on Mad Money, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff argued that for technology companies, the key value is no longer the great idea, but trust: 503 more words

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A Case for Reading The Whole Document- Letter From A Birmingham Jail

Documents used:
Letter to Martin Luther King A Group of Clergyman (1963)
Required Document: Letter from a Birmingham City Jail (1963) (Annotations)
Background documents (if you have time or students are lacking background) 626 more words
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