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Socialize Your Dog to Rain

Wait, what? I want my dog to jump in puddles of water???? Are you serious?

Absolutely, 100% serious! This form of socialization is important for service dogs as well as pets. 155 more words


On defining deliverables

Keep in mind that Chris and I are expecting each of you to be wrestling with how to develop your project (i.e., your design inquiry, your architectural studies) in any number of ways. 555 more words

Best Practices

Line Breaking in JavaScript

What should you do when a line of code exceeds the max character length of 80?

You want to break (split) the line into two. 128 more words


NARI Accreditation Helps Remodeling Company Prepare for the Future

Bingo Emmons, CR, CRPM, UDCP, is a fifth generation remodeler. He began working at his father’s company following college graduation.  In 1986, Bingo and his wife, Deb Emmons, started their own remodeling business, Creative Construction of Wisconsin, Inc. 926 more words

Business Planning

Relationships matter

I think you all know how much I value relationships in the classroom. I’m a firm believer in the idea that no significant learning can happen without a meaningful relationship. 1,285 more words


Line Length for JavaScript Code

What’s the recommended length for a line of JavaScript code?

A max length of 80 characters is preferred.

There aren’t many JavaScript style guidelines that cover line length, but Crockford’s Code Conventions does. 10 more words


Performance Testing - 201

In my career, I’ve done a few performance studies. (more than just a few). (I’m trying to be humble, but it’s not working). (Sorry).

I’ve had some good mentors along the way, and I’ve done a lot of studying to learn what resources are common bottlenecks, how to detect them, and what can be done about each one. 978 more words

Best Practices