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Common PR Misbeliefs

PR has definitely come a long way since its “birth” by the likes of Ivy Lee and Edward Bernays. It has become so crucial to the success of any business, campaign, brands, and people. 348 more words


DRC365 #194

Health centre. The head nurse at the clinic met with us and explained how he has been working with the Mother Buddies (see #193) in the community. 37 more words

Humanitarian Aid Work

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

Independent set of standards and practices for running I.T department.

Details processes that should exist and what best practise is.

Provides standard for I.T. departments to use for benchmarking and measuring their performance. 67 more words

03 - Management Support Tools

The Dante 9 circles of hell for organizational development – part I

Just as Dante in the classic 14th-centry poem “Divine Comedy” go through a lot passing the 9 circles of hell, we too have to find our way past many difficulties reaching our objectives when developing our organization. 815 more words

The First Chapters

Methods Common to All Objects(3)

Item 10: Always override toString

Providing a good toString implementation makes your class much more pleasant to use.  When practical, the toString method should return all of the interesting information contained in the object.

Best Practise

Methods Common to All Objects(2)

Item 9: Always override hashCode when you override equals

Equal objects must have equal hash codes.

Do not be tempted to exclude significant parts of an object from the hash code computation to improve performance. 300 more words

Best Practise

Methods Common to All Objects(1)

Item 8: Obey the general contract when overriding equals

The easiest way to avoid problems is not to override the equals method if any of the following conditions apply: 283 more words

Best Practise