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20 days left ... welcome back, frank!

…. I have missed you SO!!!!

30th of May … Nexflix is releasing season 5 of their brilliant series “House of Cards”. Frank Underwood … with no bone of shame or guilt in his body … will make President Trump be cute as a puppy. 546 more words

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Promotional Material For Justin Roberts Upcoming Book Release

Here is the released promotional material for former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts’ book, titled “Best Seat in the House: Your Backstage Pass through My WWE Journey.” 263 more words

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duty, family and power - the crown

We had some terrible weather the last 3 days … very WET and so dark and that is for me quality time with Netflix. Just now they have same superb series going on; 3rd season of “The Fall”, “Designate Survivor” with Keith Sutherland (brilliant series), Narcos ( a chronicled look at the criminal exploits of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar)- 2nd season (2 more planned), my all time favourite “House of Cards” is back next year for the 4th season and with another series planned and the last 3 days I have start watching “The Crown” that had premier 4th of November. 663 more words

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gold can turn to sand

“Take care of your life for now it’s your moment on earth.”
Vilhelm Moberg

In 2015 Josh Groban released this song as a bonus track on his album “Stages”, but I can’t use Josh version as a cloud over this post … because of copyrights. 555 more words

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a kinky sunday evening

Yesterday I enjoyed my friend, Iris company … and a fantastic musical, Kinky Boots … absolute brilliant on Malmö Opera House. We also had some food before the show at the Opera’s Grill Restaurant. 654 more words

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International Babywearing Week 2016 by Babywearing International Organization

Today starts the International Babywearing Week  and will last until the 10th of October.

As a babywearer, I wanted to take part of it and choose this week to share my own experience and the reasons why I wear my baby. 768 more words


never too late - swedish sausage omlete

Now I can smell the autumn in the air – even if the sun is generous and the sky is blue. So the dinner salads on the balcony are over for this year. 457 more words