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The Top 10 Elements of a Book People Want to Read!

By Writer Digest contributor, Helga Schier, PhD, Editor, Guest Column | March 16, 2015

This guest blog is written by Helga Schier, PhD, former Big Five editor and founder of withpenandpaper.com, an independent editorial services firm. 1,207 more words

Karen Dowdall

Learning how to swim in the pool we call life - A Review

This book was a staff pick of the month at the bookstore I work at, and wanting to be more well read and up to date on the latest book buzz, I decided to pick it up – but not just because it was staff pick of the month; I had read the synopsis and it actually sounded quite intriguing. 1,434 more words


I'm going to challenge myself (because no one else is willing to)

(Apologies if the title sounds obnoxious. I only mean by it that no one in my immediate surroundings has enough of an interest in books to set or care about this kind of challenge. 249 more words

The North Texas Teen Book Festival: 2017

If you ever doubt that today’s youth are into reading, all you need to do to is attend a book festival like this last weekend, where over ten thousand teens from all over Texas came to hear their favorite authors, ask them questions ranging from what inspires them to how they come up with their complex plots; sign hundreds of books, get the latest on booktubing from the pros, win prizes, buy swag, and of course, hear the answer to that age-old question: Can I be a writer, too? 382 more words

An Excerpt from Novak

We are poison to one another, a dangerous brew of lust and lies that threatens to obliterate us and anyone in our path.
An excerpt from ‘Novak’. 15 more words

Best Sellers

In a (very not so) dark, dark wood - Review

I found this book whilst re-shelving books at my place of work and was immediately intrigued by the premise – Leonora, our protagonist, attends a cozy, bachelorette party for her ex-best friend Clare, but the weekend takes a dark turn when two days later Leonora wakes up in the hospital with the knowledge that someone is dead, and she can’t be sure she’s not responsible. 1,173 more words


Here, there, everywhere...

To say that I started 2017 with the plan of not planning, it’s certainly been a busy couple of months. A Different Kind of Therapy is out and doing well (whaddya mean you haven’t bought a copy? 526 more words