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4 Best Tech Stocks to Buy for 2018—Instead of Buying Bitcoin

Whereas railroads and Detroit automakers used to be the nuts and bolts of a well-rounded portfolio, today’s world runs on silicon chips and bits. There’s a reason Nvidia has been one of the S&P 500’s best stocks two years in a row. 519 more words


The 5 Best Emerging Markets Stocks for 2018: How to Buy the Amazon and Google of China

Though America’s technological prowess is still unmatched, money managers are going to Asia to find high-reward opportunities—a chance, they say, to buy the equivalent of a Google or an Amazon 20 years ago. 419 more words


The 6 Best Stocks to Buy for 2018 Before Robots Take Your Job

Automation and artificial intelligence could become both the greatest economic boons and the greatest economic challenges of the next few decades. Patrik Schöwitz, a global strategist of multi-asset solutions for J.P. 655 more words


The 4 Best Biotech and Health Care Stocks to Buy for 2018

Turmoil over Obamacare hasn’t dimmed the outlook for most health care stocks.

As far as industries go, few are quite as complex, multifaceted, and, as T. 991 more words


The 5 Best Fintech Stocks to Buy for 2018

Though it may seem stodgy—not to mention highly regulated—compared with Silicon Valley, the financial sector offers some of the best ways to play tech trends. After all, technology is bringing financial services to unbanked corners of the world and allowing consumers to pay for goods using just their smartphones. 525 more words


Why McDonald’s Is One of the 3 Best E-commerce Stocks to Buy for 2018

When it comes to retail—from clothing to groceries—it’s impossible to discount the Amazon effect. “You have to accept the thesis that technology is just going to disrupt everything,” says Katie Koch, global head of client portfolio management and business strategy for fundamental equity at Goldman Sachs Asset Management. 419 more words


All-Tech Investing: The 31 Best Stocks to Buy for 2018 Instead of Apple or Tesla

Thanks to sweeping technological changes in business, there are now “tech” companies in every sector of the economy. We found 31 stocks that can help you profit from the revolution without taking radical risks. 1,338 more words