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Weekend WL 11/15/2015 - $RLTR $BIEL $BSSP $AGTK $NWAV $DRNK $ARCS $CDII

Howdy Folks!

Sorry its been a while since I made a WL, main reason for that is because the otc market has been pretty sad lately. 637 more words

Weekend WL Oct. 18th 2015 - $ACOL $FARE $GEQU $EQLB $TPIV

Howdy Folks!

I got sick and lost my voice this weekend lol. Atleast ya’ll don’t have to hear my horse voice ;)

Check out a couple stocks i’m eyeing this week. 347 more words

Weekend WL 07/20/2015 - $IFCR $GEQU $MJMD $PMCM $HPTG $SIMH & $SPY Options

Howdy Folks!

Got some nice setups this week:

$IFCR: Overall nice uptrend 0018 has been the key price. Great bounce for us last week. 003 break – 0015 Risk… 79 more words

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