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India VPS Server Hosting is the Best Blend of Quality and Affordability

India VPS Server runs within a physical server, but its resources and capabilities are well defined and separated into each  virtualized  environment. This ensures that a site will not affect in any way, another site hosted on the same server. 369 more words

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Most significant stuff you need to know about cPanel

cPanel is basically the industry standard in web hosting management software. Website is an extremely easy to use With Cpanel, it helps you manage your website without depending on the high capable developers. 312 more words

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How to Change your cPanel Password?

Securing cPanel password as important as boosting brand awareness. A strong password contains uppercase and lowercase letters, Special character, and numeric’s (example. aB3#$f^&G*1)or else you can take the password from password generator. 283 more words

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Issues to fix to make your website professional

A professional looking website is a great advantage or its users as well as for business owners. But you will get to make a website professional? 380 more words

Web Hosting Company In India