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ZTAO-Adore abstract piece

For the abstract music project, I chose a love song by a chinese hip-hop artist known as ZTAO and made the smooth melody, burst of emotion and rhythm easier to appreciate in 2 senses instead of just hearing.

Illustrated Journal

Linear day

Praise Harambe is a story about a bored boy in math class day dreaming of going on a fantastical adventure. It was originally going to be called “Productivity at it’s finest” but fate had gotten in the way and made me run out of space.

Illustrated Journal

Fist Birthday in Homewood

Grandma Abigail threw a fabulous back yard party for Neil, who flew in from Texas with his parents.  I have to word it that way because Neil, having just turned one, was clearly in charge.  64 more words

Best Work

40th Birthday Party

When your sister turns forty, you have to throw a big party for her. It’s written in stone somewhere.

Emilia’s yard wasn’t big but every square inch was filled with games to play, prizes to win and goodies to eat. 33 more words

Best Work

Linear Day

This image is based off of how in the winter, I like to go skiing all day. I attempted to convey this idea by drawing different skiing items. 249 more words


Summer Party at Wolf Point

This is the moment!

I hold the finished drawing in my left hand while the right twiddles with my little Canon hoping to get this moment.  56 more words

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