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Surrealist Sculpture Update

This is the finished sculpture from fall semester. I had wanted to glaze this piece since I completed the sculpture, and I was able to earlier this Spring. 21 more words


Charcoal Self Portrait

My charcoal self portrait began by taking pictures of myself doing random poses and faces. I chose my final image because it was one of the most unique images, and one that would require lots of effort and experimentation to produce. 203 more words


Final Project: Self Portrait


For my last final project for Figure and Motion class, I had to create a self portrait using a picture of myself in black and white. 563 more words

Non Time-Based

Self Portrait Still Life

This is the completed self portrait still life. The image show a watering bottle and an old camera lens, both two personal possessions of mine. This painting was edited the most in regards to color, where there is a mix of blue into the background as well some brown in the bottle.


Zombie Animation

A quick Zombie animation I did for the final Computer Animation IV Project with a group named Shallow Grave.