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Union Railroad Museum

The Union Railroad Museum in (guess where) Union, Illinois, held a huge family day early in June. I was there for six hours, drawing dozens of visitors, both local folk and those who drove in from the south suburbs and from Wisconsin. 74 more words

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Corporate Party in Lincolnwood

This was an international medical group, celebrating its expansion. Let’s see, what countries were represented? Egypt, Morocco, the Netherlands, Germany, India, Thailand, Guatemala, Turkey , France and the US. 85 more words

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Evanston Township High School

The seniors were already liberated. The rest deserved a party on the last day of classes. We had glorious weather and I was set up in one of the courtyards. 32 more words

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HOMEO Chapter 1

I’m FINALLY posting the first chapter of my comic! I’m pretty excited about this because it is my first solo comic and there is still so much to learn about the world of comics but I’m up for the challenge. 41 more words

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Fan Art

Most of the time I love creating my own stories and illustrations, BUT throwing in the occasional fan art illustration is always fun and great for switching up styles. 15 more words

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Gyvenimo Kelionė!

That means “Happy Birthday” in Lithuanian. At this lovely party in Lemont I drew twenty-seven people in full color in three hours. As you can see, the bag idea is catching on. 43 more words

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I’ve been working on a comic for a couple months now named, “HOMEO,” and I’m just about to show off the first chapter! I’m pretty excited about it. 67 more words