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My intent was to make the drawing as close to the actual Mask itself. I felt I was fairly successful. Using negative space I was able to create contrast that helps you focus in on the mask, it also helped me keep clean edges. 47 more words

Non-Time Based

Still Life

For this project we took pictures of random objects as a still life composition. I used Maya 2016 to model all of the object that you see, then I used MentalRay software to light, texture, and render out the image.


Visual Instrument

For my visual instrument I chose to make two buttons that when pressed changed the video on the screen. The way you perform my visual instrument is by punching the two buttons. 36 more words


Sound Effects

In my Production 1 class we were given the task of adding sound to an animation in Adobe Audition. Then export the .mov in Adobe Premiere before the end of our two hour class period. 10 more words

Best Work

3-d Still Life

For this assignment, I was required to make a still life in Autodesk Maya that included at least 3 objects. The still life had to either be realistic or emulate the aesthetic that Pixar animators achieve. 33 more words


The Best Work Parable

I can’t remember when I first heard this great parable, and despite Googling around couldn’t find it online , so I thought I’d take a moment to re-tell this pointed story here. 341 more words


We Got Da Bling 

Recently, I have been hired to do eBay templates. Now instead of doing just plain text and less than dazzling art, I have been having fun creating gif animations that really make the page shine. 85 more words

Best Work