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One of our final projects was to create a phenakistoscope, a type of animation wheel. My animation has three levels of animation, with the most inward one being of two balls bouncing around an inclosed space, the middle one a cat popping its head up and down, and the outward one being the phases of the moon. 56 more words


Phenakistoscope [Project]

Full Phenakistoscope:


The principles of animation I used for this project consist of:

  • Anticipation – The small object falling into the water
  • Followthrough – The splash of the water…
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I created this with the intention of showing two principles of animation: Squash and Stretch, and Arc. I used squash and stretch in the second layer animation with the heart bouncing up and down. 193 more words

Illustrated Journal

Phenakistoscope Project

For my phenakistoscope project, I started by making a basic layout in Photoshop. This included the proper dimensions of the circle, the location and angles of various objects such as the viewing slots and other objects and lastly basic color. 289 more words


More Goodkind Street Festival

I had a tent to myself, with extra chairs so that people waiting in line didn’t have to stand, and I drew steadily for six hours with only one short break.  224 more words

Best Work

Beet Street Harvest Festival in Milwaukee

The caption for this drawing could be, “We made up at the Beet Street Fair.”  When they first sat down in front of me they were nasty, nasty-funny.  267 more words

Best Work