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Say Hello To My Little GIF!

So this blog is my thoughts and process of completing the Subtitle GIF which is part of the AnimatedGIF assignment bank found on the ds106 website. 680 more words

Best Work

Take a Trip Down Web Lane

This blog is my submission to an assignment called Way Back Time Machine found in the web assignments section of the ds106 website.

The assignment itself struck out to because of the name of the title ‘Way Back Time Machine’. 901 more words

Best Work

Silhouette of Rohan

This is me and what I tend to be inspired by, usually girls, sexy girls.

Illustrated Journal

Logo Client: Yukon Quest

These are my first stretches when think of the Yukon quest. i took all the considerations of what could go into the logo.The first time i started sketching a variety of different approaches. 19 more words


Easy Green - Keep it Simple Stupid!

This is my submission to the create a logo for a design assignment found on the ds106 site. This assignments difficulty is rated 3.5 out of 5 stars. 768 more words