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Illustrated Name Finals

The final versions of my digital and physical illustrated name project. The digital was a composite image of watercolor scans, digital coloring, and photography. The physical image was all done in ink and watercolors, and the background was left white to help the main image stands out on its own.


Trans rights dada poster

This is showing the irony between how in order to “keep perverted sexual predators out of bathrooms” republicans want to set up a TSA sort of thing to make sure only the intended sex can get in. 21 more words

Illustrated Journal

Suprematism ~ Rohan

My attempt at suprematism art for digital foundations class.

Illustrated Journal

Linear Day Book

For our Linear Day project, we were expected to use repeating patterns and shapes to illustrate one day of our lives from beginning to end, with an achromatic color scheme. 91 more words

Not Time Based

Name Photography

This is a super compressed version of my final image. The images¬†original size is 73.1 megabytes so I can’t post the full version here. The whole image has a 1 inch boarder around it with a half an inch space between each image.


Illuminated Name

FJB. Five different types of mediums were used to portray my piece: Digital Ink, Water color, Photo Textures, and Watercolor swatches. Digital ink is the most used medium in 246 more words