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Jungle Birthday Party in Monee

Forget the man who danced with his wife. I drew a finance man who drives up to LaSalle Street five times a week. From Monee. Monee! 339 more words

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Graduation Party in Villa Park

Isa graduated from high school and mom went all out to celebrate. Food was everywhere and huge containers of ice for drinks. An uncle had arranged the lighting, tiny lights strung along the railing of the deck and then when it got dark, he brought out a spot light, just like that. 30 more words

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Caricature as Wedding Present

You don’t plug it in, it doesn’t have an on-off switch, doesn’t make toast and it’s not good for warming things up in a hurry. But a caricature is more personal than any gadget you can give. 48 more words

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Paris in Valparaiso

Last year the party theme was Circus. This year Lilly turned seven and mom thought, let’s do Paris this year. Decorating the house started two weeks before the party. 318 more words

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Day #758:What Does Your Work Say About You?

Your work tells tales. It speaks about you, your values, your hopes, your ambitions, and ultimately what you deem worthy of your energy and attention. It reveals, intentionally or not, what you really think about the world around you. 105 more words

Anniversary in Lake Bluff

The daughter found me. We were celebrating her parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. My caricatures were perfect for this occasion. Why would caricatures be such a good idea for this celebration? 183 more words

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Duncan Kids Block Party

Duncan Kids Academy opened another center, the one on West Madison, and celebrated the occasion with a block party and open house. I had done two of their events before and was delighted to be asked back for this major expansion. 95 more words

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