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MOVIE REVIEW | The Room (2003)

“As far as I’m concerned, you can drop off the earth. That’s a promise.”

The Room is probably the most famous, most successful terrible movie of the new millennium.  896 more words

Troll 2

1990, Directed by Claudio Fragasso (credited as Drake Floyd)
Starring: Michael Stephenson, George Hardy, Margo Prey

A family vacationing in a small town discovers the entire town is inhabited by goblins in disguise as humans, who plan to eat them. 645 more words


Wicked Wednesday - Troll 2

There is something just SO good about a terrible film. People like the Nostalgia Critic and RiffTrax (MST3K) have made careers out of revisiting these awful films. 622 more words

Just Can't Get Enough

Movie Mondays: Movies about Movies

Last week, we looked at pictures about pictures — films about art and artists —  and this week we look at movies about movies – documentaries about individual films. 372 more words


Best Worst Movie (2009) Review.

The “Best Worst Movie” is a documentary about the making of the film “Troll 2″ (1990) and how it went from being named the “worst film of all time” to a widely popular cult classic. 416 more words


Nilbog is Goblin Spelled Backwards!

Some movies are so bad that they‘re good.

One such movie is Troll 2. The movie’s original title was Goblins, but the studio thought it could cash in on the success of the movie… 701 more words

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Take your stupid comments out of your pocket!

Fed up with us only holding screenings on Thursday? Dismayed we were too lazy to do a Christmas screening last year? Want to see Miami Connection again? 43 more words

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