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Writing Lessons I Learned from Watching the Best Worst Movie

Lessons are everywhere if you’re willing to look for them, even in other people’s complete and utter failure.

 I have a special love for terrible movies. 581 more words


The Disaster Artist (2017) Review

In the midst of me trying to catch up with movies I’ve missed this year, I almost forgot I saw this. That does not say anything about the quality of the movie, I just forgot lol. 1,664 more words
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Best Worst Movie (2010)

Now just go and watch ‘Troll 2’


[Movie Review] ‘The Disaster Artist’ is Real Hollywood Movie!

The cinematic embarrassment that became a cult phenomenon now has its own movie dedicated to the madman at its core. Many wondered, how could anyone make a good movie out of what is widely considered one of the worst movies ever made? 652 more words


78/52: 5 must-see documentaries about movies

Hollywood loves making movies about movies. Every year when Oscar season rolls around, there’s at least one in there: a biopic about a silver screen star like… 795 more words


The Search for the Best Worst Movie: Miami Connection

A few weeks ago, Dan and I treated ourselves to a screening of Miami Connection at our local Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn. We’d seen it before in our friend Bill’s apartment, but experiencing it on the big screen with a devoted audience encapsulated what makes this film so charming. 921 more words